Prostate Massage, Male Sexual Enhancement, and Prostate Health

Published: Jan 20, 2022
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Prostate Massage, Male Enhancement, and Prostate Health

In this post, we focus on the role of the prostate, prostate diseases, and Prostate Massage in relation to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), and low libido.

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Prostate Massage is carried out to increase blood circulation within and around the prostate, stimulate important nerves and blood vessels around the prostate for healthy sexual function (such as the ability to get an erection), and remove stagnant fluids and toxins by releasing prostate fluids, which can prevent some forms of prostatitis, release pressure on the urinary tract, and — as thought by some — can perhaps even prevent prostate cancer.

As a whole, it’s thought that regular Prostate Massage can prevent, heal or alleviate prostate inflammations, low libido, ED, Premature Ejaculation (PE), urinary tract infections, incontinence, Benign Prostate Enlargement (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH), and can reduce pressure on the adjacent urinary tract.

Nevertheless, to get and/or maintain an erection, the prostate gland itself is not strictly necessary, but around the prostate are nerves and blood vessels that play an important role in the mechanisms that cause an erection. As it is, prostate diseases and the medication used for those, or radiation and/or surgeries performed, can damage these nerves and blood vessels, which in its turn can lead to ED. Prostate Massage may help to reactivate nerves and stimulate blood circulation anew, which can alleviate or cure ED.

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A dysfunctional prostate can cause a range of problems for men. For instance, men with BPH and/or lower urinary tract issues (for instance painful urination) have an increased risk of sexual dysfunction, which again is usually caused by medication that treat these conditions. There’s also an indisputable, statistical link between BPH and increased occurrences of ED (which has no relation to medication used), but the precise mechanisms of this link are not yet fully understood by science. Using massage to remove excess prostate fluids (so-called prostate milking) may give relief of the discomforts of BPH.

Some other forms of prostate diseases — such as prostatitis — or medications and/or surgery for prostate cancer can also cause ED and/or Orgasmic and Ejaculatory Disorders. Ejaculatory disorders, such as, for instance, painful ejaculation or PE, can cause ED through its psychological effect.

Prostate health depends on quite a lot of factors and massaging the prostate regularly and/or doing Kegel Exercises (Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercises) are just some of the tools in the whole chain of things that can help getting or maintaining a healthy prostate or can alleviate prostate discomforts.

In fact, Prostate Massage and Kegel Exercises may be the solutions one needs to achieve better prostate health, they may only be part of the activities that attribute to resolving prostate problems and other issues, or they don’t help at all.

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There are many factors that may cause prostate health problems, and if one doesn’t take those away or diminish them, Prostate Massage alone will unlikely be the complete solution, or at best, it will only alleviate certain issues one would like to see resolved.

If we keep on sitting all day long behind our desk, on the couch, behind the wheel, and so on, if we don’t exercise regularly, and drink too much alcohol, eat unhealthy, take in too much sugars, have excessive sex, keep doing the job we hate so much, live in an polluted environment, or worry continuously — prostate problems are likely to continue, which can become a cause for ED, for instance.

Additionally, some disorders can only be resolved with help of modern medical science. Alternative and complementary treatments are always good to try, perhaps even preferable, but we should never by default rule out the help of contemporary medicine. You see, we generally don’t like antibiotics or surgery because of the possible negative side effects, but sometimes it’s really the most effective (or even only) way to handle things.

Having said that, I think it becomes clear that the solution or alleviation of prostate problems is in any case a holistic one, that is, we need to approach prostate health from out different angles and perspectives — physical, mental, psychological, nutritional, and environmental — and we will most likely need to engage in a series of activities (or non-activities), and a variety of dos and don’ts to finally come to the desired results.

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