Massage Therapy for Sexual Dysfunctions | Types and Function

Published: Jul 11, 2021
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Massage Therapy for Sexual Dysfunctions | Types and Function

Massage therapies can address a broad range of sexual dysfunctions (also called sexual disorders), but it depends on the type of dysfunction what massage treatment modality is or may be suitable.

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Common symptoms of sexual dysfunction are, for instance, the inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse (erectile dysfunction or impotence), delayed or absent ejaculation, lack of feelings or interest for sex (low libido), arousal issues, infertility, the inability to achieve an orgasm, inadequate vaginal lubrication (vaginal dryness), the inability to relax the vaginal muscles (vaginismus), and pain during intercourse, among other conditions.

Sexual dysfunctions may be caused by either physical, medical, mental, environmental, psychological, or emotional factors, or by any combination of the factors just named. As such, certain massage therapies are better than others in dealing with particular sexual disorders, also taking into account the causes of a disorder (that is, in different persons the same disorder may have different causes).

Massage treatment modalities for sexual healing can be found in a variety of specialized massage therapies, which are notably the massage treatments from the group of abdominal massages, fertility massages, genital massages, postnatal massages, Tantric and Taoist massages, and sensual erotic massages.

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However, mainstream massage modalities such as Swedish Massage (Classic Massage), Chinese Tuina Massage, Japanese Shiatsu Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage, or Thai Massage can also come to help in resolving sexual dysfunctions, but these massage treatments will most likely be only effective in “light cases.”

Another point of attention is that treatments often need to be repeated for a while before results become clear. In fact, it’s rare to resolve issues in just one massage session. Moreover, massage therapy is just one approach to healing among many, and there’s much to say for considering also utilizing other healing disciplines, such as herbal medicine, bodywork, counseling and/or psychotherapy, and perhaps even surgery or medication.

In any case, the treatment modalities in the aforementioned massage therapy types/groups (abdominal massages, fertility massages, genital massages, and so on) often overlap in the way they function and by what they can achieve, but there are important differences. Below we take a closer look at the various groups and when they are applied.

Tantric and Taoist Massages

For instance, Tantric and Taoist massages specifically focus on liberating and circulating sexual energy as a means of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. They are very much aimed at making a person “whole” again by trying to clear emotional and spiritual blockages.

Another important goal is to learn accepting (sensual and sexual) pleasure as an integral part of life, without being ashamed, which in its turn can cure a number of sexual disorders. Tantric and Taoist massages can be applied as external and/or internal work.

Abdominal Massages

Abdominal massages focus on releasing tension in the abdominal region by clearing muscle contractions, knots, tangles, adhesions, and scar tissue. The idea behind this is to realign the organs in their proper place, promote a fresh and regular blood supply to the organs, and drain waste materials (detox).

Another strong point of abdominal massages is their power in helping people to achieve emotional and trauma release, with all health benefits attached to that. Additionally, abdominal massages can address a range of other issues, such as digestive discomforts, back pains, or postural problems.

Fertility Massages

Fertility massages are essentially abdominal massages with a special focus on reproductive capacity. The way they work is much like any abdominal massage, but one can say that there’s also specific attention for hormonal balance, for the pelvic muscles and pelvic bowl, and very specific sexual disorders that relate to fertility.

Both men and women can benefit from fertility massages, but the truth is that there’s more focus on female infertility. A major cause to this is the simple fact that the female reproductive system is much more complex than the male one.

Genital Massages

Genital massages are often abdominal massages explicitly aimed at the internal reproductive organs.

Nevertheless, apart from internal work, they can also comprise of stand-alone external massage work on only the penis, testicles, vulva, or clitoris. As such, some genital massages are named after the organs they work on, with names like Penis Massage, Testicles Massage, or Clitoris Massage.

Postnatal Massages

Postnatal massages (or postpartum massages) are aimed at restoring the mother’s body and mind to the pre-pregnancy state. They can consist of abdominal massages, expert internal or external uterus massages, breast massages, and external full-body massages.

Another important goal of postnatal massages is to prevent health problems that may occur immediately or later in life if certain postnatal conditions are not properly attended to.

Sensual Erotic Massages

Sensual erotic massages are mostly aimed at experiencing sexual pleasure and deep relaxation, but there’s also a more therapeutic focus possible on sexual dysfunctions such as sexual trauma, erectile dysfunction, or low libido. Some erotic massages only work externally, like for instance a Sensual Oil Massage or Nuru Massage, and other modalities may work internally, such as a Prostate Massage or a Vaginal Massage.

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