Yok Thong | Traditional Thai Uterus Massage

Published: Jul 5, 2021 | Revised: Jan 21, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Yok Thong | Traditional Thai Uterus Massage

Yok Thong is a Traditional Thai Uterus Massage that works directly on the uterus and ovaries. Both internal and external massage work may be the case.

The therapeutic treatment is used to resolve problems with menopause, urinary tract infections, cystitis (bladder inflammation) and Uterine Prolapse (when the uterus descends toward or into the vagina when the pelvic floor muscles are weak).

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As Yok Thong can be translated literally to “lifting the stomach” it is basically a treatment that lifts and re-positions the lower abdominal organs, which also has a positive effect on the prevention of gynecological discomforts or illnesses.

It can be applied as such, for women with gynecological health issues, but also during pregnancy (typically in the last months) or as a postpartum treatment to realign the uterus and ovaries.

Additionally, Yok Thong can have positive effects on lower back pains and can help stimulating blood circulation and metabolism, in general improving women’s self-esteem, libido and sexual vitality.

Although the goal of a Yok Thong session is not to induce or provoke an orgasm or ejaculation, it’s accepted if it happens during the treatment.

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