Japanese Nuru Massage

Published | Updated April 8, 2020

Japanese Nuru Massage
The Japanese word Nuru means something like slippery, smooth, glaze or glossy, among other synonymous denotations. Japanese Nuru Massage is a sensual erotic naked body-to-body massage where both parties are covered with an odorless, colorless and tasteless massage lotion or gel called Nuru gel.

It is an increasingly popular erotic massage treatment, and offerings can be found virtually everywhere around the globe.

1. Nuru Gel

The Nuru gel is fabricated from brown, reddish Nori seaweed leaves (some claim that the word Nuru is derived from Nori, but this is debatable) and often Chamomile, Azulene, Aloe Vera and specific vitamins or minerals are added to the lotion also. The gel doesn’t stain or damage clothing, is water soluble, and beneficial in moisturizing and revitalizing skin. The gel can be purchased ready for use or in powder form.

2. The Session

The Nuru Massage therapist gently and sensually rubs, glides, presses, strokes and kneads his/her entire naked body against the client’s body which is rubbed in with Nuru gel, trying to get the most complete possible physical contact. Traditionally, the Nuru Massage therapists are female. Very often, Nuru massages are finished with a sexual act or so-called Happy Ending but this is certainly not the original goal or even necessary. The treatment is typically performed on beds, massage tables, or couches.

3. Health Benefits

Some of the benefits of Nuru Massage are muscle relaxation, stress and tension relief, sexual release and relaxation, emotional healing, skin nourishment, detoxification, moisturizing and revitalizing, and if done well and regularly, Nuru Massage can help avoiding recurring premature ejaculation for males.

4. Context in Japan

In Japan, prostitution is illegal but the definition of prostitution is limited to coitus/vaginal intercourse for money with a ‘unspecified or unknown person.’ In practice it means that services such as oral sex, anal sex, and all other non-coital sexual acts are legal, including Nuru or so-called Soapy massages if not finished with intercourse. In any case, there are a number of loopholes in and liberal interpretations of the Japanese Prostitution Prevention Law of 1957 and combined with a rather loose enforcement, the prostitution, erotic and sexual services industry in Japan prospers.

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