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Published: Jan 30, 2021
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Sensual Body to Body Massage

Body to Body massages are sensual erotic massage treatments where both the receiver and practitioner are nude, and where the practitioner uses his or her complete naked body to press, slide and glide in fluid motions over the naked body of the receiver. Although the name of this type of treatment suggests otherwise, the hands may be used also to give the massage.

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An erotic Body to Body Massage is sometimes also called a Body Slide Massage. A Body to Body Massage where the client is allowed to do the sliding over the body of the massage practitioner is called a Reverse Body Slide Massage or Reverse Body to Body Massage.

Body to Body massages are sometimes also called Naked on Naked Massage, although Naked on Naked can also just suggest that both the receiver and practitioner are naked, not necessarily meaning that the massage is done body to body.

Although theoretically not needed, with a Body to Body Massage it’s very common that oils, foam, creams, balms or lotions are used to facilitate easy sliding and gliding. The massage is generally applied to the front of the receiver’s body, from the chest to the toes and/or to the back of the receiver, from the shoulders to the heels.

A Body to Body Massage may include oral teasing or oral sex, as well as Happy Ending services. Perhaps the best-known sensual Body to Body Massage is Nuru Massage, a treatment modality that has become immensely popular in the past couple of years.

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