Tie and Tease Erotic Massages | Sensual Massage

Published: Sep 26, 2021
Edited by: Team TB

Tie and Tease Erotic Massages | Sensual Massage

A Tie and Tease Massage is a type of BDSM Massage and falls in the category of Fantasy and Roleplay massages, which are generally Kink and Fetish oriented.

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The masseur or masseuse takes up the role of the dominator (in the case of being male) or dominatrix (in the case of being female) and the client i.e. receiver is restrained, that is, tied up with a rope, silk scarf or handcuffs, while the therapist applies the Erotic Massage treatment.

Depending on the therapists’s skills and competencies, tying up the client can be an art in itself, called Rope Bondage, Rope Play, Kinbaku, or Shibari. Rope Bondage historically originates from the erotic Japanese bondage art form of Shibari.

Sometimes sensory deprivation in the form of a blindfold is also used to heighten the senses and stimulate the receiver to further explore his or her submissive side.

Typically, the massage includes denial, that is, tease elements to further arouse the client. Usually, the tying-up-part is done by binding the wrists and/or ankles of the receiver.

It’s important to beforehand have set the boundaries and rules in which the Tie and Tease Massage session takes place, and often there will be a safe-word to be able to stop the play at any time.

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