Erotic Massage Training Courses and Classes

Published: Feb 1, 2021 | Updated: Jul 19, 2021

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Erotic Massage Training Courses and Classes

The types of sensual erotic massage treatment modalities vary significantly, and the training courses and classes come in quite some different forms and arrangements. We will discuss some of those in this post.

Tantra Massage Training

Tantra Massage training, including Tantric Yoni and Lingam Massage, is pretty formalized, but it depends very much on the training institutes or individual teachers what exactly the contents of the training will be and what type of Tantra Massage one will be able to give.

Famous pioneering Tantra Massage teachers are, for instance, Joseph Kramer (from the modern Tantric Lingam Massage), Annie Sprinkle (from the modern Yoni Massage), Margot Anand (from Skydancing Tantra), and Andreas Rothe (who is considered to be one of the forerunners of the modern Tantra Massage).

Of course, today, Tantra Massage training is available around the world, in many styles, not only as live training, but also via books or videos as self-training massage courses.

Mind that Prostate Massage, G-Spot Prostate and Sacred Spot Massage, Anal and Perineum Massage, Yoni Wand and Yoni Egg Massage (Jade Egg) training often also fall in the Tantra realm (or Taoist realm, depending on how one looks at it).

Kink and Fetish Massage Training

Kinky and Fetish Massage training (or BDSM Massage training), including Fantasy and Roleplay massage training, can be given on-the-job within a massage parlor, for instance, but there are also regular BDSM training academies to learn the BDSM part, which can be combined with a regular full body massage, such as Swedish Massage or Esalen Massage, to just give some examples.

One also finds very specific Kink and Fetish Massage training courses and certifications on the market, such as Bondassage®, Elysium® and Kinkassage®.

Taoist Massage Training

As for the erotic massages with a Taoist background, we find, for instance, the Yin-Yang Massage (Andreas Rothe), the Taoist Erotic Massage (Joseph Kramer), the Tao-Massage (Stephen Russell and Jürgen Kolb), the Taoist Breast Massage, and Multi-Orgasmic Practices (Mantak Chia) of which official training can be obtained at various specialized training schools and academies.

Erotic Oil Massage Training

As one of the most commonly practiced erotic massages, commercially, or non-commercially done with a partner, general Sensual Erotic Oil Massage or Full Body Sensual Massage training courses are widely available (just type the keywords in any Internet Search Engine). Nevertheless, the interpretations of the way the massage should be done differ considerably depending on the trainer.

In the commercial realm, as for the offerings in massage parlors, it’s not uncommon that training is given on-the job. This particularly applies to treatment modalities such as Nuru Massage, Body to Body Massage, Body Slide Massage, Soapy Massage, and Happy Ending and Full Service massage treatments.

Masturbation and Self-Massage Training

Masturbation and sexual self-massage practices are, for instance, taught via the Orgasmic Yoga, Porn Yoga (Joseph Kramer), and the Self:Cervix websites, but a quick look on the Internet will show a vast array of training courses that offer self-massage for the penis, testicles, vagina, breasts, including modalities such as Yoni Egg Massage and Yoni Wand Massage, among others.

For those who are commercially engaged in masturbation practices, for instance in Happy Ending services, the above training courses and classes may be a good resource, apart from in-house training, that is, training on-the -job.

eBook - Sensual Erotic Massages eBook - Tantric and Taoist Massage and Bodywork eBook - Genital Massage and Bodywork Book - Abdominal Massage eBook - Yoni Treatments Guide eBook - Prostate Massage

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