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Published: Jul 28, 2020
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Yin Yang Massage

The Yin-Yang Massage was created by Andro Rothe in Berlin in 1978. Andro is also the founder of modern Tantra Massage as we know it today, and the founder of the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institut in Berlin.

According to Andro, the Yin Yang Massage is the basis of the massage forms he later developed, such as the Stereo Massage, Erotic Massage, Tantric Massage, Talana Massage, Kundalini Massage, and Oceanic Massage.

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Yin-Yang Massage is a holistic massage modality that blends elements of Eastern and Western therapeutic healing massages such as Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, Polarity, Reflexology, Connective Tissue massages, and Byzantine massage treatments (Hammam) to create a powerful massage experience that deeply relaxes, revitalizes, and wakes up unused energy potential.

One of the theoretical fundamentals of the Yin Yang Massage is the Meridian theory derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM Meridian knowledge is used to activate Qi Vital Force flow and to balance Yin-Yang energy aspects in our bodies.

Nevertheless, Yin-Yang Massage also borrows from modern anatomy and physiology knowledge, Indian Chakra teachings, and Tibetan medicine. In fact, the Yin-Yang Massage is the basis of the Tantra Massage later developed by Andro, and as such it’s also part of the overall training for Tantra Massage as Andro taught it.

Health Benefits of the Yin Yang Massage

  • Improved blood circulation to the skin and muscles;
  • Relief of muscle tension;
  • Activation and free flow of Vital Life Energy (Qi);
  • Improvement of mobility and flexibility;
  • Profound relaxation for body and mind;
  • Restoration of a healthy inner and outer balance;
  • Strengthening of the immune system;

More info on the Yin-Yang Massage can be obtained at the websites of the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institut or the YYM Institut.

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