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Published: Oct 30, 2020 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Unusual Sexuality Enhancement Training Programs

Today, anything seems to be possible. Nothing too weird, nothing taboo, everything in the open. In the past few decades, sexuality, sexual liberation and sexual healing has gone through some shock-waves: the sexual revolution, New Age, Neo-Tantra, Manhood and Womanhood worship, and whatnot.

In this post, we take a look at some rather unusual sexuality enhancement training programs, workshops and courses that have emerged in recent years. As said, the sky seems to be the limit today, so don’t be surprised by some of the extraordinary sexual massage and bodywork “modalities” you will read about further below.


Bondassage® stands for an erotic bodywork modality created by Jaeleen Bennis. The word Bondassage is a merger of Bondage and Massage.

A session combines massage and bodywork techniques with subtle breath and energy work, rhythmic body percussion, slow flogging, light bondage, and both sensory deprivation and sensory overload. It’s a blend of a kinky sensual massage, bodywork and bondage, a light form of BDSM intermixed with massage elements.

Bondassage® practitioners are officially trained and certified. Learn more about this on the Bondassage website.

Self:Cervix (Cervical Massage)

Self:Cervix is about cervical healing, awakening and orgasms. Cervical work is learning to release tension and blocks of and around the cervix (de-armouring) in order to feel more pleasure, deepen self love and experience life changing orgasms.

More about the various course and workshop programs can be read on the Self:Cervix website.


Elysium® is a slower, softer version of Bondassage® with the focus on very slow, connected, innovative bodywork.

Like Bondassage®, Elysium® was developed by Jaeleen Bennis and practitioners are officially trained. Learn more on the Bondassage website.

Genital Mapping

Genital Mapping is used within somatic sexual healing, and perhaps best known from Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education.

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The goal of this work is to reveal and understand which (parts of) genital areas are tense, painful to the touch, disassociated, blocked, or insensitive. These points are thought to be signs of some form of physical or emotional trauma or stress.

By bringing awareness to these areas, a start can be made to come to an understanding and healing subsequently, allowing one to reconnect with one’s body and emotions and again experience sensitivity and pleasure.

For training options, take a look at our post Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork Professional Training.

Orgasmic Yoga

Orgasmic Yoga was developed by Dr. Joseph Kramer, the founder of Sexological Bodywork.

Orgasmic Yoga is not about Yoga poses. It’s a Neo-Tantric masturbation discipline that combines sustained sexual arousal with breathing, dance, sound, intention, meditative attention, touch, movement and other somatic practices in order to learn new erotic skills and stimulate sexual well-being.

These set of techniques are used in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork. More info about trainings can be found at the Yoga of Sex website.

Porn Yoga

Porn Yoga was developed by Dr. Joseph Kramer and like Orgasmic Yoga it’s not about Yoga poses. It’s to learn healthy porn watching as a more pleasurable way of masturbating with porn.

The goal is to become free from sexual habits and support you in new ways of being sexual, while allowing you to play with sexual arousal, and integrate profound and meaningful changes into your body, relationships and your life.

On the Porn Yoga website you can learn effective erotic practices that help you pay attention to your body, while you are feeling and enjoying the pleasures of masturbating with porn.

Testicle Massage

I will not supply a website here, because Testicle Self-Massage training courses are plenty to be found on the Internet. Just type in “testicle massage course” in any search engine and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Benefits claimed of testicular massage are a better blood circulation to the genital area, promoting hormonal balance, fertility enhancement (better sperm quality, morphology and motility), better erections, and improvement of sex drive, and such.

The School of Squirting

The School of Squirting teaches you how to make a woman squirt. What can I add to this other than to take a look for yourself on the school’s website to find out what this is all about.

Yoni Yoga

Yoni Yoga is about connecting physical, mental and spiritual exercises in order to channel energy of the Yoni (the complete female reproductive system) through one’s total being.

Yoni Yoga uses Indian Yoga postures and can be done with or without a Yoni Egg. It applies physical techniques that focus on the pelvic floor muscles combined with meditative breathwork, massage, stretches, mindfulness, womb meditation, dance, sound and voice therapy, and what not.

Just type in “Yoni Yoga class” or “Yoni Yoga course” in any search engine and you can get the idea of how training sessions may look like.

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