Sukebe Chair and Erotic Massage Treatments

Published: Dec 26, 2023 | Revised: Jan 21, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Sukebe Chair and Erotic Massage Treatments

The Sukebe Chair is a kind of bathing stool, in its specific form originally a Japanese invention used for non-sexual reasons in nursing homes or by physicians to have easy access to the genital and anal area of the patient.

The U-shaped opening in the chair is used to access and wash the seated patient’s intimate area or, for instance, to treat hemorrhoids (piles).

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Mind that the Japanese word “Sukebe” can be translated as “lewd,” “obscene,” “perverted,” or “dirty,” characteristically used in a sexual or erotic setting.

Today, the Sukebe Chair has also become an accessory (i.e. sex toy) in sex play or in sensual erotic massages. It’s notably used before a Nuru Massage or Prostate Massage, although some Erotic Massage providers even offer Sukebe Massage making it an experience and sensual bathing ritual by itself.

In Sensual Erotic Massage, the receiver will sit on the Sukebe Chair while the massage practitioner sensually washes or cleans (or does other things) between the receiver’s legs and buttocks from out different positions (frontal access or from behind, and so on).

This very “soapy” treatment is partly used for hygienic reasons before the actual Nuru Body-to-Body slide or Prostate Massage, and partly as a form of foreplay increasing sexual arousal of the (male or female) client. And, as already mentioned, it can be offered as a complete Erotic Soapy Massage by itself.

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