Importance of Traditional Sexual and Genital Treatments

Published: Aug 26, 2019 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

The Importance of Traditional Sexual and Genital Treatments

It depends a bit on the country or culture, but on the whole there are still quite a lot of taboos surrounding sexual and genital health treatments. It’s perhaps not so strange — sexuality in general and genital treatments in particular address a very private, intimate part of our lives.

Nevertheless, our sexuality is an area that can affect our lives profoundly, say, especially negatively when we experience health issues or dysfunctions. Not able to have children, needing to go to the toilet continuously because of prostate problems, or not being able to have a healthy sexual relationship, for instance, can cause feelings of embarrassment and guilt, and moreover, serious emotional problems and traumas. This can put huge pressure on our relationships, certainly not only limited to the romantic or sexual sphere.

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Conventional sexual or genital treatments — offered by specialized medical physicians, psychiatrists, or psychologists — are either focused directly on curing or alleviating the symptoms, or take too little into account the complete person with his or her background.

That is, contemporary treatments often lack a holistic approach, yet even if they do, are rather limited with regard to the tools, techniques and methods used being primarily psychological, chemical, and/or surgical.

In contrast, various traditional medicine systems, notably those from Asian countries, offer a broad range of other kinds of genital and sexual treatments which in most cases exercise a holistic approach and utilize completely different techniques compared to those from contemporary medicine. That is, to heal sexual or genital issues, they use meditation, herbal medicine, massage, energy and/or bodywork.

In any case, for those who didn’t find satisfactory solutions with conventional medicine, traditional treatments may be another or complementary way to come to results, maybe even being the last or only remedy.

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