Genital Self-Care Treatments in Asia

Published: May 21, 2021 | Updated: Jun 11, 2021

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Genital Self-Care Practices in Asia

Traditional Genital Self-Care in Asia consists of a broad range of practices, of which the types and modalities applied depend much on the goal of a treatment.

Genital Self-Care and Self-Healing cover restorative treatments after childbirth (think of, for instance, vaginal steaming, sitz baths, and abdominal binding), treatments against all kinds of infertility issues, practices that tackle sexual trauma or other emotional inhibitions, treatments that heal inflammations, pains or irritations of the vulva, vagina, uterus, ovaries, penis, testicles, or prostate, and so on, which are in fact all treatments that stimulate a healthy sexual functioning.

A large part of the treatment modalities for reproductive and sexual health are done by applying herbs, in a variety of ways, such as taking sitz baths, herbal steam baths, and herbal baths, using herbal compresses, pastes and packs, drinking teas, or taking in herbs by other ways orally, and the like.

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Another set of important treatments for the genital system, may it be for reproductive reasons or increased sensual pleasure, is massage, for instance fertility and abdominal massages, done with or without herbal packs, candles, compresses, stone eggs (Jade eggs), wands, or oils. Nevertheless, reflexology techniques, such as used in Foot Reflexology or Abdominal Reflexology, are also used to address the genital organs.

Bodywork, such as Yoga and Qigong, knows many exercises that can help to alleviate or heal a vast variety of genital issues. The techniques used mostly consist of movement exercises, performing certain poses and postures, meditation, and the use of visualizations, mudras, and mantras.

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