What is Reflexology?

Published: Dec 31, 2020 | Updated: Apr 4, 2021

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology (also known as Zone Therapy) works with certain acupressure points on our body, such as points on our ears, feet and hands, of which it’s thought that manipulating those points with pressure influences the (healthy) functioning of connected, related or corresponding organs or other parts of our body.

By the way, therapeutic acupressure points can be found across the body, not only on the feet or hands, but also in the abdominal area, on the back, in the groin, on the head and in the face, and so on. Nevertheless, the best known reflexology treatment is undoubtedly that of Foot Reflexology, which is often applied in combination with Foot Massage.

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Reflexology is typically done with acupressure techniques using the fingers and thumbs or with the help of tools, such as little wooden sticks, to give pressure on certain well-defined reflex-points (or acupoints).

Yet, when it comes to pressure-point maps or charts of the feet, hands, ears, abdomen, and so on, we’ll find a variety of different maps, charts and theories available, which often seem to contradict each other.

For instance, reflexology points maps can originate from China, Thailand, India, or Egypt, to name some countries, and each map may ascribe different functions to similarly located points, or the same function to very differently located points.

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