Trigger Point Release Massage Explained

Published: Jan 3, 2022 | Revised: Dec 15, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Trigger Point Release Massage Explained

Trigger points are defined as small areas of the muscle, fasciae, or myofasciae (or of other types of connective tissue) in which there is a contracture, strain, irritation or sensitivity of tissue.

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A trigger point can cause pain, fatigue, decreased range of motion, and weakness in the muscle and it can lead to so-called referral pain, which means that body parts or areas farther away from the trigger point may experience pain, dysfunctions, tingling or numbness.

Trigger Point Work or Trigger Point Release means to come to an alleviation of sensitivity of the trigger point and softening of the area by clearing its contractions, tensions and adhesions. This would give relief to the point itself and to referral pains.

A variety of techniques may be used to release trigger points, but generally it will be done with pressure of the fingers, which is called digital pressure or acupressure. Nevertheless, broad compression, strokes, friction, vibrations, heat, and stretches — or combination of techniques — may be applied also.

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