Scar Tissue Remediation for Sexual Organs | Genital Bodywork

Published: Apr 9, 2024
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People can obtain scars in many different ways. Scarring can happen through surgery, radiation treatments, birthing, injury, infections, accidents, or modifications of the body (such as gender reassignment or breast plastic surgery). In addition, scars can be connected to trauma and associated emotions such as loss, rejection, regret, fear, sadness, anger, or shame.

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On a physical level, scars can result in thickening of tissue, which can be on the inside or on the outside of the body. This again may cause insensitivity, dullness, tension, adhesions, numbness, discomfort, disconnection, pains, or sexual dysfunctionsand psychological issues connected to these physical problems.

Scars may also cause issues with movement, such as restrictions or different movement patterns, or problems with internal organs movement and positioning meaning that they may become dislocated, cause lymphatic swelling, are pushed or pulled in a certain direction, which may give health issues.

In therapeutic modalities that are aimed at sexual healing, scar tissue remediation (also called scar remediation) focuses on working with scars that are related to the genital organs (for instance, the vulva, vagina, womb, penis, and testicles), and organs or bodily regions that are closely related such as the breasts, urinary tract, abdominal, pelvic, perineal, and anal areas.

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Genital scar remediation can start a process of integration, increased health, a pain free life (or much less pain and discomforts), emotional and trauma healing, and a better mind-body connection, while it can also promote increased mobility around the area, better blood and lymph flow, more physical sensation, heightened sexual pleasure, and overall wellbeing.

Techniques used for sexual scar tissue remediation may include education, pain management, relaxation techniques, physical exercises, dietary adjustments, Genital Mapping, sex toys, scar mobilization, acupressure, (hot) herbal compresses, stretches, and/or massage to soften and release scar tissue. Some examples of treatment modalities that incorporate scar remediation therapy are Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Sex Education, and Somatic Sexology, but mind that it also depends very much on the therapist or practitioner if they are specialized in this type of work.

Remedial scar tissue work — may the scars be genital/sexual or not — is often also a form of Body De-Armoring which may bring suppressed or repressed trauma to the surface. Hence, it’s of high important that the scar remediation therapist runs a Trauma-Informed practice and knows how to properly deal with clients that revisit trauma.

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