De-Armoring Health Benefits | Physical, Emotional-Mental, and Spiritual

Published: Apr 5, 2024
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De-Armouring treatment

In general, it’s thought that Somatic De-Armoring (or Body De-Armoring) can have quite a range of health benefits for the person involved.

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Nevertheless, it depends very much on the type of De-Armoring modality what may be the case. That is, different people need different approaches — think for instance of hard or soft De-Armoring — and moreover, each type of De-Armoring modality uses a different set of techniques, which may or may not work for certain people.

As it is, some modalities mainly use breathwork, others are more into massage, and again others predominantly use Talk Therapy, movement exercises, or mindfulness, and so on. Hence, some techniques may work better for this or that person.

At any rate, below we give you a general overview of the supposed and anecdotal Dearmoring health benefits on the physical, emotional-mental, and spiritual level.

Benefits on the Physical Level

  • May improve oxygenation, vitality and energy levels, and Life Force Energy flow;
  • May stimulate the blood and lymph circulatory system;
  • May resolve or improve respiratory ailments;
  • May resolve headaches;
  • May resolve physical tensions, contractions, constrictions, numbness, and pains;
  • May detox the body or body parts;
  • May resolve sexual dysfunctions and disorders;
  • May resensitize the body and promote the capability to feel more;
  • May be helpful in pain management.

Benefits on the Emotional-Mental Level

  • May reduce stress, anxiety, anger, and worries;
  • May induce deep relaxation;
  • May give more resilience in handling pressure and stress;
  • May resolve psychosomatic illnesses;
  • May resolve depression and negative emotions;
  • May resolve emotional traumas;
  • May resolve addictive behaviors;
  • May resolve Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);
  • May induce an improved body-mind connection;
  • My improve self-awareness, self-discovery, self-expression, self-management, and self-esteem;
  • May enhance awareness of obsolete habitual patterns and the ability to chance those or leave them behind;
  • May enhance relationships (erotic and non-erotic);
  • May increase life enjoyment and happiness;
  • May increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction;
  • May enhance creative ability.

Benefits on the Spiritual Level

  • May deepen one’s meditation practice;
  • May strengthen the connection with the Divine;
  • May expand awareness and consciousness;
  • May lead to spiritual growth;
  • May give more meaning to one’s life and life projects;
  • May give access to non-ordinary or changed states of consciousness or psychedelic experiences.

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