Testicle Stretching | Aims and Techniques to Enlarge the Scrotum and Lower the Testes

Published: Nov 28, 2023 | Revised: Feb 4, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Testicle Stretching | Aims and Techniques to Enlarge the Scrotum and Lower the Testes

Testicle Stretching (also called Testicular Stretching or Ball Stretching) is not about increasing the size or volume of the testicles. In fact, you don’t actually stretch the testicles, but the top part of the scrotum, above the testicles. Therefore, the practice should rather be called Scrotum Stretching.

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After regular Testicle Stretching the testicles will hang lower and the spermatic cords (the connection of the testes to the abdominal cavity) will also be stretched i.e. become longer to accommodate the new position of the testes. Hence, when Scrotum Stretching is done correctly the testicles will not get hurt because they will get the necessary space.

The concept behind Testicle Stretching is simple: by applying tension on scrotum tissue over a longer period of time, it will induce new cell growth of the scrotum and internal scrotal tissue, which cause both to become longer and larger, and subsequently make the testicles hang lower.

The results of Testicle Stretching are often semi-permanent; as long as stretching is continued (or maintained) the scrotum will keep its lowered position. Nevertheless, it may go (somewhat) back in size when you stop active stretching practices.

Table of contents:

Motives and Benefits of Testicle Stretching

The reasons i.e. motives to engage in Scrotum Stretching vary widely, but may include:

  • the idea of increased aesthetics of lower hanging testicles;
  • increased sexual arousal — by wearing or without wearing a stretching device — during solo-masturbation or sex with a partner;
  • pleasant feelings of the movement of the testicles while having sex;
  • prolonging orgasms (semen takes longer to travel, and less or delayed contraction of the testicles);
  • increasing stamina and maintain an erection for a longer time;
  • diminishing sensitivity of the testicles;
  • increasing testosterone production (for instance, to increase libido);
  • stimulating blood circulation in the region (for healthy testicles).

Techniques to Stretch the Testicles

There are several techniques of doing Testicle Stretching and we’ll discuss them here below:

Manual Stretching

Manual stretching is done with the fingers and hands. Mind that you may or may not have stretching devices installed around the scrotum when you engage in manual stretching.

It’s a good practice to first warm-up the scrotum and testicles, for instance by taking a warm bath or shower, or by using herbal compresses. You may also opt to do the stretching exercises in a warm bath or while having a warm shower.

After the warm-up, you typically wrap i.e. circle the index finger and thumb around the scrotum just above the testicles (like an Ok-sign) with the hand palm facing downwards.

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You then gradually and gently pull the fingers down across it to the testicles, while pulling your testicles away from your body. You then hold the maximum scrotum stretch for at least 30 seconds before you release the stretch. This technique should be repeated as long as you can (maybe ten to fifteen minutes). You may alternate this by also pulling the scrotum more to the left or more to the right.

Another way to stretch is starting just as above, but then — instead of pulling down — bending the wrist in a way that the testicles are positioned upwards. Additionally, with the other hand palm, you can then scoop and gently massage the testicles.

So-called Web Stretching is yet another technique, which can be used as a warm-up or for structural stretching. It involves stretching both the penoscrotal web (the connection between the ball sac and the penis) and the scrotum itself. Here, you also start with the Ok-sign and a pull down, but with the other hand you simultaneously pull the penis in an upward direction.

And last but not least, you may also use ointments and oils to improve the elasticity of your scrotal skin and achieve even better stretching results.

Typically, manual testicular stretching sessions are done three to five times a day to yield the desired effects.

Stretching by Using Devices

Special stretching devices for the scrotum, often categorized as sex toys, may consist of leather straps, steel rings and collars to keep the scrotum from going up, but also vacuum pumping and saline infusion into the scrotum may be used.

The idea behind using straps, rings, and so on is to gradually add more of them around the top of the scrotum (with or without weights) in order to keep lengthening the sac and lowering the testicles.

In any case, there are really many types of devices to be purchased. Just type in “testicle stretching device,” “ball stretcher,” “scrotum stretcher,” or “testicle stretcher” in any Internet Search Engine and you will be offered plenty of options.

Stretching by Using Weights

This technique consists of leather, rubber or metal bags, tubes, rings, or collars in which (or attached to them) weights can be hung to speed-up stretching the scrotum in a downwards direction.

The idea here is to gradually increase weights over time to achieve better and more results.

And just as with the testicle stretcher devices, if you just add the keyword “weights” to the Internet search phrases mentioned above, you’ll have many options to choose from.

Precautions and Risks of Testicle Stretching

Mind that technically the testicles are not stretched or directly affected, and stretching can be done safely, but there are still some potential risks involved.

Important is to always start slowly and to never bind off the testicles too tightly because this may lead to loss of blood circulation.

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At any rate, it’s not advised to do Testicle Stretching if you suffer from testicle disorders, abdominal wall hernia, cardiovascular issues, or high blood pressure.

Listen to your body, and don’t hurt yourself, unless you do Testicle Stretching in a BDSM fashion to deliberately experience (some) pleasurable pain. Yet, as a rule, you need to stop immediately when you notice any color change or feel pain in the testes.

Nonetheless, you always have the risk of tissue injury because the scrotum — and most certainly the testicles — are usually sensitive to the touch. Injuries can include broken blood vessels, bruises, or even permanent damage. For instance, if you use too much weight too soon or roughly you may cause trauma.

If you use Testicle Stretching devices it’s important to acquire those that are of high quality and, of course, read the instructions of use well before applying them.

Irritation and increased sensitivity of the skin can occur, both with manual stretching or by using devices. Proper lubrication and frequent cleansing may come of help to prevent this.

Another issue is that you may constrict the blood flow or even cause testicular torsion, which is very painful and rather dangerous.

As for male fertility it’s not known if there are any concerns to stretching the scrotum, so if you plan to have children it’s something to keep in mind.

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