Tantra and Preventing Premature Ejaculation | Approach and Techniques

Published: Nov 8, 2023 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Tantra and Preventing Premature Ejaculation | Approach and Techniques

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is also known as Early Ejaculation or Rapid Ejaculation, and is a rather common sexual issue among men affecting about twenty to thirty percent of the sexually active male population.

Tantric techniques, exercises, and approaches may come of help to control or resolve PE in men, and we’ll take a look at how exactly Tantra can help to counteract or diminish PE issues. Often, these Tantric practices also play an important role in Tantric Semen Retention, but mind that Semen Retention embraces a much broader realm than only physical ejaculation control.

In any case, here further below, we give you an overview of the various options available in Tantra that can be used to practically deal with PE.

Table of contents:

Tantric Foreplay

In Tantric Sex, engaging in foreplay as conscious and mindful touch is an important component of lovemaking. Think here of activities such as Tantric Eye-Gazing, Yoni or Lingam Worshiping, Tantric Bathing, or giving each other a Tantric Massage.

The advantage of foreplay is that it increases the duration of sexual communion, takes away the pressure of the actual sexual intercourse, and as such can delay the point of a (premature) ejaculation or external orgasm and the often abrupt end of a lovemaking session.

Tantric Breathwork

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Tantric Breathwork involves quite a lot of things, including freeing blocked energy, opening the Chakra energy centers, awakening Kundalini Energy, and controlling Vital Life Energy flow in our body, while working on release of trauma, inducing well-being of mind, body and spirit, and enabling higher spiritual or consciousness levels within the practitioner.

Nevertheless, it can also be used as a more direct tool to calm down the nervous system and control the body. Slow and conscious abdominal breathing can relax body and mind and take away the attention and need of “the imminent ejaculation moment.”

There are several Pranayamas (Yogic Breathwork) that can come to help here, such as Dirga Pranayama, Sama Vritti Pranayama, Kapalabhati breathing, and Bhastrika Pranayama, among others.

Tantric Edging and Orgasm Control

In Tantra, Edging and Orgasm Control are closely related. Edging is typically done by deliberately stopping thrusting (intercourse) or rubbing (or whatever means of genital arousal) for a short period (perhaps 5 or 10 seconds, or so) in order to prevent an external orgasm, and the following abrupt drain of sexual energy and sexual activity.

Edging is one of the techniques in Tantra to practice Orgasm Control, that is, to raise internal sexual energy levels in order to attain higher levels of consciousness, personal growth, and health. The core idea here is that sexual energy is mostly concentrated in reproductive fluids, in the case of men, in semen. Hence, if men can control ejaculating, they will avoid losing sexual energy.

Tantra as Conscious and Mindful Lovemaking

Having conscious and mindful sex — sometimes equated with the phrases “slow sex” or “conscious lovemaking” — is one of the pillars of Tantric Sex.

In Tantric Sex, you’ll find many activities that are not immediately “sexual” but still highly sensual and satisfactory. These “explorative activities” (for example, touching, sucking, licking, kissing, and caressing) can be used to redirect attention to other aspects of lovemaking (apart from only genital stimulation), and as such can become a tool to control and delay ejaculation i.e. an external orgasm.

Tantra Yoga – Asanas, Bandhas, and Mudras

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Some Tantric Yogic postures and exercises, typically certain Mudras and Bandhas can be used to control ejaculation.

In fact, specific muscles are involved in the ejaculation process — of which Pelvic Floor Muscles are some of the most important ones — and by identifying these muscles and controlling these muscles, one can control orgasms.

Some well-known Tantric Mudras and Bandhas that relate to ejaculation and orgasm control are Ashwini Mudra, Vajroli Mudra, Mula Bandha, and Maha Mudra.

Additionally, carrying out inverted Yoga postures as a regular exercise are also beneficial to mitigating PE on the longer term. Yoga inversions are Yoga postures — also called Yoga Asanas — that place your head below your heart and hips, as such “inverting” your body from its normal upright position.

Tantric Perineum Press

The Perineum Press is an ancient ejaculation control technique, already advocated in Tantric Sex and the Taoist Sexual Practices.

The technique involves pressing strongly on the external perineum G-Spot just before the moment of ejaculation arrives. Doing so blocks semen from escaping through the penis, which instead is then redirected into the bladder.

Tantric Full Body Orgasms

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One of the core ideas behind achieving a non-ejaculatory Tantric Full Body Orgasm is to retain semen, that is, to keep sexual energy in the body to subsequently distribute that energy through the entire body and transform it into other “essences” and higher forms of energy, which are thought to be crucial for overall health, longevity, and spiritual attainment.

Additionally, Full Body Orgasms are less prone to cause fatigue and loss of vitality during sexual activity, and moreover, are thought to promote overall physical and mental health, self-confidence, self-control, energy, mood, virility, stamina, and increased sexual pleasure.

There are a variety of Tantric techniques involved here, typically the same types of techniques that are also practiced for Semen Retention; think of Tantric Breathwork, Pelvic Floor Exercises, Edging, Sacred Spot Prostate Massage, the Perineal Press, among a range of others.

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