Thai Massage Spa Training Courses in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Published | Updated June 16, 2019

Thai Massage Spa Training in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
The Spa industry is growing worldwide and Thailand is one of the countries that leads. The Thai government policy since 2004 has been to promote Thailand as the medical hub and spa capital of Asia. Today, it’s clear that Thailand is reaching her objectives.

The Spa business in Thailand is booming and customer inbound-streams shifts increasingly to Japan, India and China. European and American tourists are still important, but analysis from past years show that Asian customers are becoming a much more significant target-group, China and India leading.

Anyway, Thai Massage training today can be roughly divided into two main groups: Relaxation & Wellness and Therapeutic Treatments. We see a shift, or maybe it’s more an integration, from Thai Bodywork being a traditional healing modality to a modern Lifestyle modality. At the same time, lifestyle, of course, has much to do with healing and health also.

Most of the popular Thai Massage schools in Thailand that are listed on the Internet will basically categorize more or less in the therapeutic scheme. Surely, most training first start as a Relaxation & Wellness course, but those courses are usually followed by specialization modules that aim at a more therapeutic quality of training.

In past years, we observe that the “classic” Thai Massage schools have started to offer more Spa-like training. Oil Massage & Aromatherapy, Facial Massage, Hand Massage, and Herbal Compress Massage among others have been on the increase obviously. An example is the ITM School in Chiang Mai that opened a separate division called the Spa Mantra school. Or Ong’s Thai Massage School which now offers a range of Spa training modalities also, including classical Western Spa modalities.

Well, having said all that, let’s just start short-listing the Thai Massage schools and training centers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai that are focused mainly on Spa training. You may want to study to be a practitioner in the Spa industry and this listing will give you a quick start when looking for “pure” Spa training schools in Thailand.


Arrow ImageBaimint Spa Academy
Arrow ImageBangkok Beauty and Spa school
Arrow ImageBangkok Spa Academy | BSA
Arrow ImageChiva-Som International Academy
Arrow ImageLanna Thai Spa Academy
Arrow ImagePai Spa Training Academy
Arrow ImagePravinia Spa and Beauty School
Arrow ImagePrawphai Thai Massage and Spa Training Center
Arrow ImageSabai Corner Spa
Arrow ImageThai Massage & Spa Academy
Arrow ImageTTC Spa School

Chiang Mai

Arrow ImageChiang Mai Spa Academy
Arrow ImageHealth Lanna Spa
Arrow ImagePANVIMAN Spa Academy
Arrow ImageSabun Nga Spa
Arrow ImageSiam Spa Health & Beauty
Arrow ImageSpa Mantra
Arrow ImageTTC Spa School
Arrow ImageThai Oasis Spa School

The list of Spa training centers above is certainly not inclusive. For a complete overview use our Destinations page or Filter Engine to find more centers in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or in other places in Thailand.

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