Spa Mantra Chiang Mai | Review

Published: Jun 10, 2019 | Updated: Jul 19, 2021

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Spa Mantra Chiang Mai | Review

Spa Mantra is a Thai Day Spa and Wellness center and a branch of the well-established ITM Thai Massage school in Chiang Mai. Connected to the Spa is the Spa Mantra training academy with both Western, Thai style, and Thai Lanna training courses, focused on both the Spa Relax and Therapeutic industry.

The treatments offered are clearly marketed in the ‘pampered beauty’ sphere, with credos like Magical Massage, Bye-Bye Cellulite, Signature Massage, Delicate Care, Exotic Massage, and the like.

Moreover, the names of some of the treatments give the impression we’ve entered a fancy 5-star restaurant—think of for instance the Steamed Jasmine Herbal Rice Milk Compress, Royal Mountain Coffee & Creamy Yoghurt Scrub, or the Red Wine and Veggie Body Wrap, to name a few…

Yet, more therapeutic ancient Lanna Folk healing treatments like Tok sen and Lanna Thai Massage are offered also.

Treatment Offerings

Magical Massage Therapy

  • Mantra Signature Oil Massage
  • Hot Stone Healing Massage with Tai Chi Movements
  • North Meets South Traditional Thai Massage
  • Delicate Care of Thai Herbal Hot Compress
  • Steamed Jasmine Herbal Rice Milk Compress
  • Tok Sen Ancient Thai Therapy
  • Sole to Soul Foot Massage
  • Mantra Warm Andaman Coconut Oil Massage
  • Lanna Exotic Massage

Refreshing Scrubs

  • Royal Mountain Coffee & Creamy Yoghurt Scrub
  • Black Sesame & Wide Honey Scrub
  • Red Wine Scrub
  • Thai Herbal Blend Signature Scrub
  • Andaman Coconut Blend with Sea Salt
  • Sao Long Herbal scrub (Enchanting Herbs)

Magical Blanket on Body by Natural Wraps

  • Red Wine Body Wrap
  • Veggie Body Wrap

First Class Special Treatment

  • Smooth ‘n’ Shine Hair Treatment Massage
  • 9- step Rebirth Facial Signature Treatment
  • Purity Thai Herbal Steam

Bye-Bye Cellulite Program

  • Bye-Bye Cellulite Massage
  • Bye-Bye Cellulite Wrap
  • Massage + Wrap

Training Courses

  • Aroma Herbal Oil Massage Course (15 hours, 2 levels)
  • Swedish Massage (15 hours)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (15 hours)
  • Hot Stone Healing Massage (15 or 30 hours)
  • Facial and Body Treatments (15 hours)
  • Hand Reflexology (15 hours)
  • Thai Herbal Hot Compress (15 hours, 2 levels)
  • Tok Sen Ancient Thai Therapy (15 hours)
  • Pregnancy Massage (15 hours)
  • Baby Massage (15 hours)
  • Thai Traditional Post-Natal Treatment (40 hours, 2 levels)
  • Cellulite massage (15 hours)
  • Thai Lanna Wisdom (15 hours)
  • Bamboo Massage (15 hours)
  • Sports Massage (15 hours)
  • Postnatal Traditional Thai Lanna Treatments Course (40 hours, 2 levels)

Additionally, Spa Mantra offers Instructor/Teacher Training programs for the various training modalities mentioned above.

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