Thai Facial Massage Treatments in Thailand

Published: Jun 12, 2019
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Thai Facial Massage Treatments in Thailand

Originally, Thai Facial Massage was simply part of a full body Thai Massage, or in any case an integral part of a Thai Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage. As has happened with several other treatments, such as Thai Foot, Thai Hand and Thai Abdominal Massage, to name a few, today the Thai Face or Facial Massage is increasingly offered as an individual treatment modality, being prominently present on Thai Spa treatment menus.

Several concepts can be applied within a Thai Facial Massage session: the use of reflexology i.e. Thai acupressure points, cupping, peeling, Thai herbal mixtures applied as masks, compresses, packs, scrubs, the use of essential or base oils, and of course… massage which consists of rubbing, pulling, kneading, pressing, circular movements, squeezing, and shaking techniques, and so on.

Although there are certainly typical Thai elements to be found in the facial massage treatments (and training courses) offered in Thailand, many are in fact a blend of both Western and Oriental facial treatment styles.

Like other massages, facial massages eliminate tensions, improve muscle tone and support natural health, in this case of the face, by improving blood circulation.

A better blood flow can recover the color and freshness of the face, making the face looks younger and tight again. Important other objectives are to remove or diminish wrinkles and folds on and around the nose, forehead, eyes, jaws, chin and neck and opening up the pores to reduce skin spots and pimples.

A Thai Facial Massage is often promoted as a natural face-lift, replacing anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams, anti-acne facial washes, Botox treatments and surgical face-lift incisions and procedures.

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