Thai Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Published: May 23, 2020
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Thai Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Traditionally in Thailand, the Thai Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage didn’t really exist as a separate treatment modality, but today it has become a distinct offering, although it’s basically a subset of a full-body Traditional Thai Massage.

Nevertheless, it does make sense to offer treatment sessions that only cover the head, neck, and shoulders (and upper part of the back), because these are parts of the body that suffer a lot from tension, especially nowadays in modern societies where work stress and prolonged sitting positions with strenuous activity for the eyes, head, neck, shoulders, and spinal column have become rather common.

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Additionally, a session can be given rather easily — the client sits on an ordinary chair, in a comfortable couch chair, or on the floor — and it can be done quickly in about maximum thirty minutes — giving perhaps not structural relief, but at least temporary relaxation.

One also sees this type of treatment combined with a Thai Foot Massage. Typically, a Thai Foot Massage is extended to the leg calves, or even to the whole leg, and at the end of a session often a bit of arm, shoulder, back and neck work is also applied.

Of course, the head, neck, back and shoulders are also treated in a Chair Thai Massage session, which makes the difference between a Thai Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage and a Chair Thai Massage treatment somewhat blurry.

However, when the head, neck, and shoulders are massaged as part of a complete Full Body Thai Massage session, a chair is not used; the client will be treated lying down or seated on a Thai Massage floor mattress.

In Thailand, you’ll find plenty of (cheap or very affordable) Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage offerings virtually everywhere across the country, in massage parlors, spas and wellness centers, on the beaches, at markets, on the streets, in temples, and in shopping malls, to name some places.

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