Mukha Abhyanga | Ayurvedic Facial Massage Therapy

Published: Apr 29, 2021
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Mukha Abhyanga | Ayurvedic Facial Massage

Mukha Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic Massage modality that uses medicinal herbal oils, butters, and creams to treat the facial area. In the West, this type of Face Massage is often promoted as a kind of natural face lift.

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A Mukha Abhyanga session cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin. The treatment includes working on so-called Marma acupressure points for a variety of health benefits. Often, the massage is extended to the neck, upper arms, and shoulders.

Benefits include deep nourishment, improved elasticity of the facial skin, skin toning, alleviation or curing of skin problems, relaxation, energizing, reduction of sagging, and removal of waste and toxins.

The treatment can be combined with herbal steam therapy, an herbal face mask, and an Indian Head Massage (Shiro Abhyanga).

A professional Ayurveda therapist will use oils and creams that match one’s so-called Dosha type (i.e. Vata, Pitta, or Kapha type) in order to optimize health benefits.

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