Japanese Face Massage | Concepts, Techniques, and Health Benefits

Published: Apr 12, 2022 | Revised: Jul 3, 2022
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Japanese Face Massage | Concepts, Techniques, and Health Benefits

Japanese Face Massage (or Facial Massage), may be part of a Full Body Massage, or it can be applied as a stand-alone treatment modality carried out by a therapist or — by contrast — performed as a Self-Massage. It’s sometimes also integrated in a Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage.

In general, Japanese face massages are based on manipulating facial Meridians and Acupressure points i.e. Tsubo pressure points, enabling unobstructed Ki Vital Energy flow in order to promote and maintain good facial health and overall wellbeing.

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Over the years, a whole range of different types of Japanese facial massages have gained popularity around the world, notably in spa settings or as self-care, such as Tsuboki Massage, Asahi Massage, Cosmetic Shiatsu, Kobido Massage (also written Ko Bi Do, and considered one of the oldest types of Japanese face massage), Tanaka Massage, Kyodo Massage, and Korugi massage, among many others.

Depending on the type of Facial Massage, several concepts may be applied within a session: reflexology techniques, lymphatic drainage, manipulating acupressure points, scraping, cupping, peeling, masks, pastes, herbal compresses and packs, balms, creams, and scrubs, the use of essential or base oils, and the application of general massage techniques, such as rubbing, pulling, kneading, pressing, circular movements, squeezing, shaking, and so on.

Regularly applied face massages can eliminate tensions, improve muscle tone, recover color and freshness, and support natural health of the facial area, notably by improving blood circulation. They can also remove or diminish wrinkles, open up pores to reduce skin spots and impurities, alleviate sinusitis, diminish swelling, and reduce scar tissue, to name some other benefits.

Today, facial massages are usually promoted as a type of natural face-lift, notably as a natural alternative to anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams, anti-acne facial washes, Botox treatments, and surgical face-lift incisions and procedures.

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