Jade Rolling | Chinese Facial Massage

Published: Apr 11, 2021 | Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Jade Rolling | Chinese Facial Massage
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It’s believed that facial massagers made of Jade have a long history of use in China. If that’s really true still needs to be seen, but fact is that the Jade stone itself has a special place in Chinese culture because it’s thought to have a range of healing and protective properties.

For what it is, the modern version of Jade application for the face is a Jade stone that is attached to a handle, just like a paint roller. In fact, the treatment is given by rolling the stone on face areas. It’s typically a treatment you do yourself.

The idea is to massage away facial tensions with gentle pressure. Tensions of the face muscles can be a cause of premature aging of the face, wrinkles, and fine lines, and such, and using the roller can help to counteract these unwanted phenomena.

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The Jade roller can also be used to help herbal oils, serums, creams, and such, penetrate better into the skin.

Some other benefits attributed to Jade rolling are healing of stressed organs, expulsion of toxins, slowing down of cell aging, strengthening of the body’s natural defenses, refreshing and revitalizing, and general relaxation.

Another benefit of using Jade on the face is the fact that it’s made of non-porous material and therefore resistant to sheltering bacteria.

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