Marma Points Massage | Ayurvedic Marma Chikitsa Therapy

Published: Nov 5, 2020
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Indian Marma Points Massage | Ayurvedic Marma Therapy

Ayurvedic Marma Chikitsa, also called Marma Points Massage or Marma Therapy, is based on manipulating or treating so-called Marma Points.

In Marma Chikitsa, these points are used as acupressure points (acupoints), and usually 107 or 108 main Marma Points are recognized, which are spread across the body, typically along the Yoga Nadis.

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Marma Points corresponds to specific bodily and psychological functions, and can be manipulated with acupressure, circular movements on the points, herbal medicine, needling, stretches, and Yogic exercises to cure physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illnesses or discomforts.

Marma Chikitsa massage therapy aims at clearing Prana Life Energy stagnation in Marma Points — and thus in the Nadi Energy Channels — to stimulate an uninhibited energy flow to corresponding body parts. During a Marma Massage session, aromatic oils, herbal oils, and creams may be used to increase the efficacy and benefits of the massage.

The health benefits of Marma Therapy are thought to be immunity enhancement, emotional and trauma release, invigoration, pain relief, digestion improvement, toxin release, better sleep quality, increased blood circulation, alleviation of stress and anxiety, strengthening of internal organs, and balancing the Doshas, among others.

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