All Thai Massage Courses & Workshops in Holland

Published | Updated February 9, 2019

All Thai Massage Courses & Workshops in Holland
For a small country like the Netherlands there’s quite some offering of Traditional Thai Massage courses and workshops. Many schools and teachers are to be found in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and the Hague, but in general, distribution of training centers is spread rather evenly across the Netherlands.

It’s clear that ITM Chiang Mai (through ITM-Hand Amsterdam) has a major influence in the country being today perhaps the predominant lineage of Thai Massage education in Holland.

Surely TMC Chiang Mai and the Sunshine Network play their role also, but it seems to be a minority of schools and teachers having adopted or coming from these Thai Massage lineages.

Anyway, we’ve found more than 40 Thai Massage training centers in Holland (the Netherlands). Below you’ll find the listing.

Akademie voor Massage en Beweging

The Akademie voor Massage en Beweging offers a massage therapist study program and a variety of courses and workshops of mostly Wes [Read More...]

Akasha Yoga + Massage

Offers a variety of Yoga classes and Massage treatments and workshops. [Read More...]


Anand is a training center for massage, Reiki, Yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Also offers a one-year Thai Yoga Massage practitio [Read More...]

Balans in Beweging

Monique van der Kooij is the founder of Balans In Beweging. The place offers massage treatments and Thai Chair Massage and Thai tab [Read More...]

Carla van den Bergh

Carla is a re-balancer, bodyworker, reflex-therapist and yoga teacher. Additionally, she offers private courses including Thai Mass [Read More...]

Chanthanu Traditional Thai Health Center

A treatment and education Thai Massage center and institute, joining forces with ITM-Hand from Amsterdam. Offers training in the mo [Read More...]


Joyce Bosch does quite a lot of things. Her website subtitle is: coaching, counseling & training. One of her activities is off [Read More...]


Esoterra offers both Western and Oriental massage and bodywork courses and workshops. [Read More...]

Even bijkomen

Dorien Datema studied Thai Massage with the Thai Dee school for Thai Yoga Massage in Holland. Among other things, she offers Thai Y [Read More...]

IMAS Trainingen

IMAS is a specialist in Indonesian Massage courses, but additionally offers a variety of other Asian bodywork courses, including so [Read More...]

Infinite Play

Infinite Play is founded and operated by Dieke Bikker. She combines Partner Yoga, Thai Massage and Therapeutic Flying. [Read More...]

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

ITM Thai hand Amsterdam was founded by Manuel Luque Aguilera and Nicole van Zurk and is a franchise of ITM Chiang Mai (Thailand). I [Read More...]

IVS Opleidingen

For almost 40 years already, IVS Opleidingen offers a broad range of courses and workshops with regard to bodywork therapy, massage [Read More...]

Jolange Opleidingen

Jolange Opleidingen is a hair, beauty, spa, and wellness educator offering both Western and Oriental course modalities. [Read More...]


Kesuwon is founded and operated by Cleo Tjitrodipo. He’s a certified massage therapist and teacher. Cleo joins forces with ot [Read More...]

Lepeltje lepeltje

Lepeltje Lepeltje from Carollyne Tjong Ayong offers individual Cuddle Sessions, Massage Treatment sessions & Workshops. [Read More...]


Minna Sangi offers Yoga classes, energetic work, and Thai Yoga Massage sessions and workshops. [Read More...]


The Leidsche Onderwijs Instelling (in Leiden, Holland) is an education provider offering a broad range of courses and training in m [Read More...]

Massageopleiding Apeldoorn

Massageopleiding Apeldoorn offers a large amount of sports massage and spa & wellness massage courses of both Eastern and West [Read More...]

Opleidingscentrum Kersten

Offers many Western and Oriental massage courses and specializes in distance learning. [Read More...]

Praktijk de Wereld

Offers Thai Yoga Massage training in cooperation with Thai Dee. The center is located in Arnhem, the Netherlands. [Read More...]

Puur Marjolein

Puur Marjolein operates in the Netherlands and gives Thai Massage classes in Utrecht and Vleuten. [Read More...]

Robin Berkelmans

Robin Berkelmans teaches dance, tai chi, Chi Kung and Thai Massage. Additionally, he also gives massage and bodywork treatments. [Read More...]

Sabaaydi Massage Opleidingen

Sabaaydi Massage Opleidingen offers a broad range of both short-term and long-term Western and Oriental massage courses and worksho [Read More...]

Sanne Burger

Sanne Burger is a coach, writer, works with astrology, and offers Thai Massage treatments and classes. As for Thai Massage, associa [Read More...]


Specialist in Beauty and Wellness education. Additionaly, offers Thai Massage course opportunities. [Read More...]


[Read More...]

Sharonna Yoga & Massage

Sharonna offers Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Singing bowl and Mantra workshops. [Read More...]


Shiyoma offers Shiatsu, Chair Massage, Herbal Ball Compress massage and Thai Massage treatments. Additionally, offers Thai Massage [Read More...]

Suriya Masaje Tailandés

Suriya operates in The Hague (Den Haag) in Holland and in Chile. Offers Thai Foot Massage and Thai Massage training. Suriya is a Th [Read More...]

Suriya Thai Massage

Suriya Thai Massage is an affiliate from the TMC School of Chiang Mai. She offers the Foundation of Thai Massage, Thai Massage Enha [Read More...]

Tension Tamers Massage & Yoga

Tension Tamers was founded by Michiel Kaemingk in 2003. The studio in Amsterdam offers a variety of bodywork styles, including Thai [Read More...]

Thai Dee

The school from founder Tirza Bottema is based in Nieuwegein (Holland) but offers Thai Yoga Massage courses and workshops in variou [Read More...]

Thai Massage Collective

Thai Massage Collective is an ensemble of Dutch Thai Massage therapists and teachers. All members have been trained bij ITM. The co [Read More...]

Thai Massage Holland

Lien Siwalette is a certified TMC School Chiang Mai teacher of Thai Massage offering a variety of Thai Massage course modalities. [Read More...]


Ton Bérénos works together with ITM-Hand Amsterdam and offers Thai Massage treatment sessions, and Thai Massage courses & wo [Read More...]

Thaise Ontspannings Technieken

Ann Kuylaars is affiliated with TMC Chiang Mai and offers a variety of Thai Massage training courses and workshops. [Read More...]

Thaise Yoga Massage

The place from Jeroen in Amsterdam offers Thai Massage treatments and workshops. [Read More...]

TOP Sportmassage

The place from the founder Inge van Kerkhof offers an extensive variety of Eastern and Western massage and bodywork courses. [Read More...]

Wellness Academie

The Wellness Academie offers a broad range of Wellness & Beauty training courses in Belgium and the Netherlands. [Read More...]

YinYang Balance

YinYang Balance offers like a devastating amount of massage courses (and treatments) in about every course modality available on th [Read More...]

Yoga met Selle

Selle Postema gives yoga, acroyoga and massages and offers Thai Massage classes. [Read More...]

Yoga Oosten

Basically a Yoga educator, but now and again offers Thai Massage workshops. [Read More...]

Yoga You

Basically a Yoga courses and classes provider, but offers Thai Yoga Massage workshops on occasion. [Read More...]


The Zonnecirkel offers Reiki, Hypnotherapy, EFT, and Traditional Thai Massage. [Read More...]

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