Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts Course Lexicon in Holland

Published | Updated November 25, 2018
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Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts Course Lexicon in Holland
Our mission at is to register and make available info about all Thai Massage and other Thai Healing Arts training providers from across the world.

You might imagine that we need to be knowledgeable of the way Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts terminology is translated in other languages as for us to be able to find and register schools, teachers and training centers from a multitude of countries.

In this article we’re going to take a look at the Thai Healing Arts course lexicon in Holland (the Netherlands).

In English, the word Thai is an adjective used to describe the traditional massage form of Thailand. Thus, in English we name it Thai Massage. In Dutch (the language from Holland) the translation for the adjective Thai is Thaise and Massage translates as Massage.

Thus, if you want to find Thai Massage schools in Holland, you would want to look for Thaise Massage or Thaise Yoga Massage. In the Netherlands they love to use Thai Yoga Massage, by the way. As for the rationale behind using Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage you may read more in our article Should I study Thai Yoga Massage or Thai Massage?

The word School in Dutch is like in English School also. That comes easy. You then just type Thaise Massage School in Holland in your favorite Search Engine to find Thai Massage Schools in the Netherlands. Course is Cursus, but they often better like the word Education, which in Dutch is Opleiding. You would do well to look up Thaise Massage Opleiding or Thaise Massage Cursus.

A thing fairly unknown is that an important root of the English language is the Dutch language. Take the word School we’ve just talked about, which in Dutch is exactly the same (only pronounced differently). Table in Dutch is Tafel, Foot translates as Voet and Oil becomes Olie.

Subsequently, Thai Table Massage becomes Thaise Tafelmassage (the Dutch love to connect words…), Thai Foot Massage changes into Thaise Voetmassage, and Thai Oil Massage into… yes, Thaise Oliemassage.

The word Herbal in Dutch is Kruiden, the word Ball is Bal, and Hot becomes Hete. Follows that Thai Hot Herbal Ball Massage translates as Thaise Hete Kruiden Ballen Massage. By the way, in the Netherlands its also called Thaise Hete Kruidenstempel Massage, like there are different names applied in English also, as for example Thai Hot Poultice Massage, or Thai Hot Compress Massage, and Thai Hot Herbal Packs Massage.

As the Dutch language is rather anglicized, you can simply use the English words Training or Workshop in Holland without seeing anybody pulling a frown.

Okay then… let’s put things together now. We saw that Thai is Thaise, Foot is Voet, Massage is Massage, and Course is Cursus. Let’s now add to our vocabulary the word Traditional which translates as Traditionele, Therapeutic as Therapeutische, and Medical as Medische.

Hence… Traditional Therapeutic Thai Medical Foot Massage Course translated to Dutch becomes… Traditionele Therapeutische Thaise Medische Voetmassage Cursus.

Voila! Ain’t it easy?

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