Thai Massage Courses and Workshops in Rotterdam

Published | Updated January 19, 2019
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Thai Massage Courses and Workshops in Rotterdam
The city of Rotterdam is a major logistic and economic enter in the Netherlands and boasts Europe’s largest port. It counts a population of about 600,000 people and is the second-largest city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam.

Below you’ll find the list of Thai Massage schools, trainers and courses we’ve found in Rotterdam. For Thai Massage training in Thailand, you may visit our Training in Thailand page.


Anand is a training center for massage, Reiki, Yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Also offers a one-year Thai Yoga Massage practitioner training recognized as a short polytechnic st [Read More...]

Balans in Beweging

Monique van der Kooij is the founder of Balans In Beweging. The place offers massage treatments and Thai Chair Massage and Thai table Massage courses. [Read More...]

Even bijkomen

Dorien Datema studied Thai Massage with the Thai Dee school for Thai Yoga Massage in Holland. Among other things, she offers Thai Yoga Massage training. [Read More...]

Jolange Opleidingen

Jolange Opleidingen is a hair, beauty, spa, and wellness educator offering both Western and Oriental course modalities. [Read More...]


Specialist in Beauty and Wellness education. Additionaly, offers Thai Massage course opportunities. [Read More...]

Thai Dee

The school from founder Tirza Bottema is based in Nieuwegein (Holland) but offers Thai Yoga Massage courses and workshops in various places in the Netherlands. Also offers a Dutch [Read More...]


Ton Bérénos works together with ITM-Hand Amsterdam and offers Thai Massage treatment sessions, and Thai Massage courses & workshops in the Netherlands. [Read More...]

Wellness Academie

The Wellness Academie offers a broad range of Wellness & Beauty training courses in Belgium and the Netherlands. [Read More...]

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