Thai Massage Acupressure Points – Chart Overview

Published: Sep 12, 2023 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
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Thai Massage Acupressure Points Chart Overview

In Thai Massage, acupressure points are said to be located on or along the Sen Sib Energy Lines. They are manipulated with a variety of techniques to release blocked energy and to activate or soothe energy in order to promote the free flow of Prana (Lom Pran) with an aim of establishing balance, health, and well-being.

Some acupressure points have more importance than others and may strongly influence physical or mental functions or internal organs, and are used to treat certain illnesses or to relieve pain.

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These important acupressure points are sometimes associated with the so-called minor Chakras (Marma Points), which is an Indian Ayurvedic concept of Prana distribution centers.

In the chart displayed below we have pointed out some of the important Thai acupressure points. Note that there are actually a large number of acupressure points; each location on a Sen Line is in fact an acupressure point.

An acupressure point always corresponds with a certain Sen Energy Line (or several Sen Lines) and the function(s) i.e. therapeutic indications of that/those particular Sen Line(s).

Around the navel (umbilicus) we find quite a lot of points corresponding with the starting locations of the Sen Sib Energy Lines.

Thai Massage Acupressure Points

At the base of the skull we find acupressure points corresponding with the Sen Lines that cross the head. These are often manipulated to cure or alleviate neck pains and headaches.

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In the face, we also find an abundance of points with a variety of functions related to the Sen Lines that end or cross at those locations. Think of therapeutic indications in relation to the function of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth and jaws, but also psychological and mental functions.

The acupuncture points on the hands and feet are many, and just a fraction is shown in the chart above. There are specialized feet or hands acupressure point charts (or maps) to manipulate the entire body, functions and organs based on the idea of reflexology. In fact, there are several Sen Lines or their extensions and branches that reach the hands and feet, making the feet and hands much worked areas.

Other important acupressure point areas can be found right under the collar bone (clavicle), on top of the trapezius, around the scapula (shoulder blades), along the spine, at the lower back region and on the sacrum, around the knees, and at the so-called Wind Gates locations.

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