Chi Nei Tsang and Abdominal De-Armoring | Emotional and Trauma Release

Published: Jul 3, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Deep Abdominal Chi Nei Tsang Massage session

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One of the important body parts addressed in Body De-Armoring work (British English: Body De-Armouring) is undoubtedly the abdomen. Hence, Abdominal Massage and Abdominal Breathwork are common somatic techniques used to induce emotional and trauma release, the latter being the primary goal of De-Armoring therapy.

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In fact, quite a range of specialized De-Armoring treatment modalities use Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage as part of their toolset. Chi Nei Tsang is not only an Abdominal Massage that addresses the myofascial and muscular layers of the abdominopelvic area, but it also specifically focusses on the internal organs, making it likewise an Internal Organs Massage.

One of the powerful features of Chi Nei Tsang is that it addresses physical healing aspects of the abdominal area and its organs, but likewise energetic, spiritual, and emotional issues. In fact — based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Taoist concepts — one of the primary tenets of Chi Nei Tsang is its belief that unresolved emotional issues and trauma are stored in the digestive system and its associated organs (aka the abdominal brain in Chi Nei Tsang), and that insufficient “emotional digestion” is an important reason for health discomforts and disease.

Therefore, Chi Nei Tsang treatments explicitly work on releasing trapped emotions and trauma, which is thought to be stored in the cells of the body as information and reactions to deeply emotional and traumatic experiences. Practically, it means that Chi Nei Tsang works on tensions, contractions, scar tissue, adhesions, knots, tangles, and surrounding tissues of the internal organs to stimulate the excretion and detoxifying system and to free negative and stagnant Chi Life Energy. By doing this it also allows Chi Life Energy to circulate unobstructed and in a balanced way through the body, which is believed to be of key significance to maintaining or restoring physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The latter shows an interesting parallel with the ideas of Wilhelm Reich, “the Godfather” of modern De-Armoring therapy. Reich believed that one’s Body Armor (aka Muscular Armor) — which consists of rigid and enduring muscular tensions and contractions — constricts the flow of Life Force Energy, our breathing, and our blood circulation system, which again can cause a variety of physical and emotional-mental discomforts and illnesses.

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It’s obvious that Reich’s idea of Vital Life Force Energy — which he called Orgone Energy — was substantially influenced by ancient oriental systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Yoga, Tantra, and Taoism, in which the free flow of Life Energy plays a primary role for one’s overall health.

Like Reich, Chi Nei Tsang also focusses on establishing correct breathing patterns that fully use the diaphragm, that is, helping receivers to release Shallow Breathing or Chest Breathing patterns and come to healthy Abdominal Breathing.

In fact, restricted breathing is seen as a physical reaction to distressing emotions, but also one that additionally keeps the nervous system, the body and its organs, and the person as a whole in a state of continuing anxiety and stress. Therefore, supporting the person to come to a normal Abdominal Breathing rhythm will appease the nervous system and help the person to calm down, digest emotions, and profoundly relax.

All by all, we could say that Chi Nei Tsang is a truly holistic treatment modality that addresses physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual health, while being closely aligned to modern Body De-Armoring treatments that work on releasing physical body tensions and constrictions to attain emotional and trauma release and a healthy, whole, and happy person.

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