Curriculum of Thai Massage Classes | Common Structure of Foundation Courses

Published: Oct 5, 2020
Edited by: Team TB

The Common Structure of a Thai Massage Class Day

You will notice that many Thai Massage beginner courses are organized as thirty-hour five-day trainings (30 hours spread over 5 days).

Nonetheless, this is certainly not a rule and all depends on what the contents of the training course or workshop is, but spreading thirty hours over five days is a good common practice that has proven itself.

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In fact, the whole thing is not so much about thirty hours, but about having six hours effective training per class day. Those six hours has shown to be the perfect fit; rather intense, but not too intense.

Now, how to arrange those six hours on the day? Well, I basically always did it like this: I would start at 8 am in the morning, two hours teachings, followed by a break at 10 am until 10:30 am, and then again two hours training until 12:30 pm.

At 12:30 pm, I would take a break of one and a half hour so that the students and I could have lunch (for about half an hour) and then rest and digest for at least another hour.

At 2 pm, I would continue the classes until 4 pm. That would make a full class day of six effective study hours. Then I’d give the students the option to practice by themselves under my supervision from 4 pm until 5 pm.

I think that the sequence of dividing up the six-hour day into chunks of two hours is perfect. Two hours in one go is a good time span to really convey info, knowledge and practical skills, but longer would be too much for the average concentration span.

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