The Teacher’s Thai Massage Style and Lineage

Published | Updated September 13, 2020
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The Teacher's Thai Massage Style and Lineage

When you teach Thai Massage you necessarily teach in your own style. This style is a combination of your own experiences and development as a practitioner and later as a teacher and the things you have learned when you were still a Thai Massage student.

The Thai Massage style, methods and techniques you’ve learned are a curriculum or style that belongs to a certain Thai Massage lineage. That can be a general lineage such as Northern Thai Style Massage or Southern Thai Style Massage or a very specific lineage such as Jap Sen Nerve Touch Massage.

I think it’s important to explain to your Thai Massage students beforehand that the style and type of Thai Massage you will teach them belongs to such and such a lineage, and moreover, that what they will learn is only one way of doing Thai Massage.

It’s important, because it will keep the mind and spirit of a student open avoiding dogmatism and prejudice about wrongs and rights with respect to practitioning Thai Massage. In fact, too often I have met quite rigid Thai Massage practitioners too much focused on “the only right way” of doing Thai Massage.

We as Thai Massage instructors know that even the Thai Sip Sen Energy lines are said to have different trajectories all depending on the lineage, and that different Thai Massage techniques and solutions can be applied in resolving health issues.

We also know that Thai Massage is a very vast set of integrated Thai healing practices, techniques and methods spanning centuries of development across the whole of Thailand with sometimes rather contrasting types of implementations.

Well, just a reminder to keep Thai Massage what it is — an incredibly rich and continuously developing Thai healing melting pot. No wrong or right here, but as the Thai themselves like to say: things are same same, but different.

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