Yoni Massage and Tantra Massage – What Is the Difference?

Published: Feb 29, 2024 | Revised: Mar 13, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

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When a massage treatment is positioned as Yoni Massage, it would typically qualify as a Tantric Yoni Massage. In fact, the Sanskrit word “Yoni” is normally only used in a Tantric context.

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Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon that massage practitioners offer Yoni Massage which is “just” a Vaginal Massage carried out without Tantric concepts, rituals, and/or ceremonies involved. Hence, women (or those who own a vagina) who specifically look for a Tantric Yoni Massage should first check the description of the offering or contact the provider for more information before engaging in a session.

Mind that Yoni Massage is actually a specific type of Tantra Massage. That is, within the realm of Tantric massages you’ll find different modalities, such as Dark Tantra Massage, Lingam Massage, Sacred Spot Massage, Transformational Tantra Massage, Tantric Couples Massage, and of course also Yoni Massage, among some other types of Tantric massages.

Yet, no matter what type of Tantric Massage, it’s supposed to be a mindful, Sensual Erotic Whole-Body Massage, one that aims at circulating (sacred) sexual energy through the body for physical and mental health benefits, inducing profound relaxation, and supporting people in experiencing sexual energy and pleasure without feelings of guilt or shame. Often, a session is also focused on sexual and spiritual healing within the context of Tantrism.

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Now, Yoni Massage as a specialization of Tantra Massage includes the characteristics of a more general Tantra Massage session such as mentioned in the previous paragraph, but more specifically and in more detail focuses on the erogenous zones of a woman’s body such as the breasts and nipples, inner thighs, groin, belly, the vulva, vagina, perineum, and the anus.

Apart from external bodywork, a Tantric Yoni Massage session will also include internal work that addresses the vagina, G-Spot, and cervix, and sometimes the rectum, which is not necessarily the case in a general Tantra Massage. Moreover, an authentic Yoni Massage is usually much stronger aimed at emotional and trauma release that relates to repressed or suppressed sexual issues, which may, for instance, involve the application of Yoni Mapping and Yoni De-Armoring techniques.

In addition, Yoni Massage may explicitly focus on awakening a woman’s sacred femininity (her complete womanhood), experiencing multiple orgasms and/or new types of orgasms, working with sex toys, practicing Womb Meditation or Yoni Worshipping, or engaging in other Tantric rituals and ceremonies that relate to the Yoni.

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