Yoni Massage and Menstruation – Contraindicated or Beneficial?

Published: Feb 25, 2024
Edited by: Team TB

Woman in bed in her period

Yoni Massage is a full body, sensual erotic Tantric Massage that typically includes manipulation of a woman’s erogenous zones, such as the nipples and breasts, the perineum and anal area, and the vulva and vagina.

In this post, we’ll discuss if Yoni Massage is contraindicated when having your period, or if it’s possible to have a massage and if there are any (health) benefits in having a session.

Possible Contraindications

During your menstruation you will probably have some blood flow coming out of the vagina and the question here is if you can still have a Yoni Massage, even if you would wear a tampon or such.

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Well, on the whole, we could say that a woman in her period can certainly have a Yoni Massage. As internal work should always be done with surgical gloves (for obvious hygienic reasons), this will also count for women during their menstruation, and the massage practitioner may not have any objections working internally. But, the therapist (and you) may want to skip internal work of the vaginal region if you’re bleeding.

Yet, it depends much on individual Tantra Massage practitioners if they work with women during their menstruation. They will most likely state this in the Yoni Massage session description, that is, if they have an explicit section about the precautions and contraindications of Yoni Massage on their website or in their flyer.

Of course, having a massage also depends strongly on your own feeling of wanting to have a session during your period or not. For instance, you may not at all be in the mood, maybe you’re too tired or feel embarrassed, or your breasts and nipples may be uncomfortably sensitive (or even painful), the latter probably also counting for your abdomen and pelvis, notably the area concerning the ovaries and uterus. In fact, having a Yoni Massage in your period could mean that certain parts of the Yoni Massage will not be carried out.

Possible Benefits

On the other hand, Yoni Massage can have some benefits for women who are in their period. For instance, massage therapy significantly increases blood circulation (especially a Yoni full body massage) and as such also the subsequent menstrual blood flow (menses). Women will often notice an increased discharge after the massage, usually the day after the session, which actually indicates a more complete uterine cleanse.

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The increased blood flow through the body may reduce heavy cramps (such as those caused by dysmenorrhea), bloating, headaches, fatigue, nausea, joint or muscle discomforts, and lower back pains. Some or more symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) — which may still show in the first days of the actual menstrual bleeding — may be resolved or alleviated.

If the Yoni Massage session would specifically aim at relieving you of menstrual pains there will be more focus on the glutes, the lower back, the groin, pelvic region, and the abdomen. Typically, the massage therapist will be gentle and give only measured pressure on the abdomen in order to prevent (additional) pains. Arterial compressions may also be applied to more profoundly stimulate the blood flow.

In a more general sense, massage is a relaxing and calming type of bodywork, which in itself alleviates tensions, pains, contractions, and stress, which all benefit the physical and mental state of a woman in her period.

Yoni Massage could also be beneficial when your ovulation starts, which is about fourteen days before the actual menstrual period. It could make the following menstruation period shorter, although perhaps more intense, and it could combat a range of symptoms associated with PMS.

In addition, quite some woman are on a sexual high in the time of their period and enjoy sexuality and eroticism more than on other days, and this could make Yoni Massage an extra powerful and pleasant experience.

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