Special Massage Techniques to Manipulate the Sen Sib Energy Lines

Published: Aug 28, 2023 | Revised: Jan 19, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Special Massage Techniques to Manipulate the Sen Sib Energy Lines

Apart from manual massage techniques applied with Traditional Thai Massage, such as acupressure or pressure applied with the thumbs and palms, or assisted stretches, there are some other treatment modalities used in Thailand to work on the Sib Sen Energy Lines.

Reusi Dat Ton

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Traditional Thai Yoga — in Thailand called Reusi Dat Ton or Reu-Si Datton — is an ancient form of Thai Bodywork, and part of Traditional Thai Medicine.

The work done in Reusi Dat Ton consists of breathing exercises, self-massage, self-stretches, and a variety of poses and sequences which are performed in standing, sitting, or lying positions.

By some, Thai Yoga is considered the foundation of Thai Massage. It’s believed that in the past, the self-stretches and self-massage sequences carried out by monks, forest hermits and ascetics were applied to another person, which then later became Thai Massage.

Reusi Dat Ton specifically focuses on working with the Sen Energy Lines by means of self-stretches and self-massage.


Reflexology is based on the idea that certain points (i.e. locations) on our body, such as points on our ears, feet and hands, are able to influence the proper functioning of related organs and functions.

The idea of Prana Life Energy is essential here, because applying pressure to these acupressure points encourages the flow of Prana, which results in unblocking the Sen Lines and the reestablishment of balance and health accordingly.

An important and immensely popular reflexology treatment in Thailand is that of Foot Reflexology. You can read more about reflexology and the Sen Lines in our post Reflexology and the Sen Lines.

Hot Herbal Compress Massage

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Herbal Compress Massage is sometimes also referred to as Herbal Ball Massage, Hot Herbal Ball Massage — although cold packs are likewise used — or Herbal Packs Massage, among other labels.

Thai Herbal Massage treatments — in Thailand called Luk Pra Kob — are used to soothe the body or body parts, to relieve pain and inflammations, or to prepare and warm up the Sib Sen Energy lines before deeper Sen Line and acupressure work.

Typically, a mix of herbs is wrapped in a compress, then steamed (in a bamboo or electrical steamer) and when hot, applied to the body by pressing, gliding or smearing in circular, linear, and/or rolling movements.

You can read more about herbal compresses in our post Herbal Compresses and Working the Sen.

Amatarot Massage

Amatarot Massage is a relatively new Northern Thai Lanna therapy that uses a wooden stick or rod with various appliances stuck to the end of it, with which the patient is treated with deep Sen Line acupressure. Depending on the goal of the treatment the appliances used may differ.

Tok Sen Massage

Thai Tok Sen Massage is an ancient Northern Lanna Thai healing practice, which incorporates the use of a short-handled hammer and a chisel/wedge made of wood, bone or ivory to rhythmically tap along the Sen Energy Lines.

The idea is to work on the deeper layered Sen Lines, Sen Line branches and fasciae (connective tissue) through vibration.

Yam Khang Fire Therapy

Thai Yam Khang — Thai Fire Therapy or Thai Fire Barefoot Massage — is likewise a Northern Lanna style Thai healing modality that uses heat, oils, and solely the feet to massage the body of the patient.

With the hot foot dipped in oils Yam Khang therapists treat the patient, meanwhile using a wooden stick to keeping their balance.

Fire Therapy is an ideal type of work to prepare the body of the receiver for deeper acupressure work.

Hot Salt Pot Massage

Treatments with heated salt-filled clay pot compresses are typically applied in the postpartum period, but also in other situations, such as to treat abdominal, digestive, and genital issues, or to release tension in the muscles.

The compress is made by putting some (sea) salt and medicinal herbs into a ceramic pot. The ceramic pot is then heated and subsequently wrapped in a cotton cloth.

Like with “normal” Hot Herbal Compress massages, Hot Salt Pot massages are ideal to prepare and warm-up (or by contrast, to soothe) the Sib Sen Energy Lines before or after deeper Sen Line and acupressure work.

Jap Sen

The Jap Sen or Nerve Touch Massage style is a Thai Massage style characterized by “grasping or plucking the Sen Lines.”

With the Jap Sen technique the muscles, tendons and nerves are grabbed and “rolled over,” which can be done gently or firmly, while also applying deep acupressure using the knees, elbows, feet, heels and thumbs, sometimes in combination with using hot herbal compresses.

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