Couples Erotic Massage | Partner Massage

Published: Oct 17, 2021
Edited by: Team TB

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A Couples Erotic Massage is a sensual massage experience for partners (permanent or occasional partners), which can be given by one massage therapist or by two therapists at the same time.

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Depending on the kind of offering, the session may be finalized with a Happy Ending. Typically, the type of massage applied is a Tantric Massage or Sensual Oil Massage.

Couples erotic massages are rather popular as a means to bringing partners closer together by creating more intimacy. Couples massages are also used as a means of massage training — as a type of workshop — to learn to give each other an Erotic Massage.

Before the session starts, it’s common that couples first shower together and talk about the upcoming session with the therapist(s). During the treatment, couples will typically stay close, maintain a physical connection, and/or (learn to) massage each other.

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