What Is Osteothai?

Published: Feb 14, 2020 | Updated: Oct 14, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

What Is Osteothai?

In past years, Osteothai has become a rather popular Thai Massage East-Meets-West hybrid treatment modality, and in this post I’d like to dive a bit deeper in what Ostheothai is.

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Osteothai is sometimes also written as Osteo-Thai or Osteo Thai, and the work is an integration of Osteopathy and Traditional Thai Massage.

The Osteothai concept was created by David Lutt and Arno L’hermitte, two French Osteopaths. David and Arno are also authorized Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage instructors.

Currently, David works in France mainly, Arno primarily on Bali (Indonesia), but both teachers regularly offer training courses in various other countries also. You can learn more about what they do, their backgrounds and schedules on the Osteothai website available in both French and English.

How it Works

Thai Massage is powerful in (Yogic) stretches, dynamic movements, sustained pressure work and acupressure, and Osteopathy works excellently for release of tissue tension and more precise work on structural and joint mobility. The hybrid uses a holistic whole-body approach, combining the rich set of Thai Massage techniques with the more fine-grained and gentle touch of Osteopathy.

An Osteothai treatment is usually practiced on the floor on a mat (like with traditional Thai Massage) and the receiver wears light, loose-fitting and comfortable clothing. The therapist uses hands, feet, knees and elbows to apply the treatment.

Osteothai Training

Osteothai trainings are not aimed at teaching Osteopathy. It’s to introduce a set of Osteopathy techniques that can be integrated easily with Thai Massage. The overall goal is to improve joint mobility, restore and support vitality and ease of movement.

Osteothai courses are suitable for experienced massage and bodywork practitioners with a solid Thai Massage training background and an active Thai Massage practice who want to learn more about osteopathic principles and techniques.

Osteothai training courses are given by David Lutt, Arno L’hermitte and a range of assistants and certified teachers proficient in Osteothai. You can find more info on trainings and schedules on the Osteothai website.

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