What Is Anathai?

Published | Updated May 3, 2020
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What Is Anathai?

Anathai is a Thai-Western blend of Thai Massage training developed by Thierry Bienfaisant, a Thai Yoga Massage teacher. Thierry is closely connected to both the Sunshine Network lineage and the Osteothai program.

The Anathai training courses are dedicated to the musculoskeletal system mainly focused on anatomical mapping, palpation and application in Thai Yoga Massage. In fact, these kinds of trainings fit in a broader development in the past decade to include Western anatomical knowledge in Thai Massage trainings. By the way, this happens both in Thailand and in the rest of the world.

The idea behind Anathai is that in a Western context of practitioning Thai Massage professionally, it’s key to understand and define the essential structures of the musculoskeletal system for a serious practice of Thai Yoga Massage. Moreover, in an increasing number of countries it’s obliged to have an anatomy and physiology training to obtain a massage therapist license.

Objectives of Anathai are adapting massage mechanics safely for the patient, improving communication and collaboration with other professionals in the complementary and alternative health sector, and raising the practitioner’s field of consciousness of the physical body improving a more precise touch.

Thierry’s courses are integrated into his Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Cycle Program.

Anathai on the Internet

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