Top 20 Best Thai Spa Academies and Schools in Bangkok

Published | Updated August 4, 2019

Top 20 Best Thai Spa Academies in Bangkok
Full-service Thai Spa academies in Thailand offer Traditional Thai massage and bodywork courses and a growing range of additional non-traditional bodywork modalities, like for instance Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, and a variety of Beauty & Wellness courses.

Most of the schools and academies listed in this post are Spas, Day-Spas, Spa Retreats, or chains of Spas that have training units attached to them to educate their own personnel. Many of the training academies however are open also for the general public, both Thai and foreigners.

We give you a list of the best, most diverse, and most popularly known Thai Spa schools and academies in Bangkok. To find more Thai Massage schools in Thailand use our Filter Engine or visit or Training in Thailand page.

Baimint Spa Academy
The Baimint Spa Academy in Bangkok is mainly focused on training of students for the Spa industry in the health and beauty sector. The academy offers both Thai and Western [More info...]

Bangkok Beauty and Spa School
The Bangkok Beauty and Spa School is an institute of non-formal education of private Thai Massage & Bodywork vocational training. The school offers a broad variety of [More info...]

Bangkok Spa Academy (BSA)
The academy was founded in 2007 and focuses on the Spa & Wellness industry. BSA academy offers a thorough Thai Massage for Health course of 150 hours, a Health Spa and [More info...]

Chiva-Som International Academy
Chiva Som has won many prizes for being the best Spa Educator in Thailand. In fact, the academy offers a vast amount of Spa, Wellness & Beauty training courses and pr [More info...]

Choniwes Holistic Thai Massage Training Center
Choniwes Holistic Thai Massage Training Center in Bangkok offers both Thai and Western spa courses and spa management consultancy and training. [More info...]

Crystal Professional Academy
The academy in Bangkok offers both Thai and Western style spa bodywork courses. They also run a online shop with Spa cosmetics of their own brand, Thai Massage and Spa equ [More info...]

Crystal Spa Academy
The academy offers both Thai and Western spa courses in Bangkok. [More info...]

Lanna Thai Spa Academy
The Lanna Thai Spa Academy in Bangkok offers a broad variety of both Thai, other Asian and Western spa courses and workshops. [More info...]

Lek Massage Bangkok
Lek Massage Bangkok is a full service spa services provider with several branches in and around Bangkok. Additionally, they offer courses and training in Thai Massage at t [More info...]

Pani Spa & Thai Massage
The Pani Spa Center in Bangkok offers a broad package of both Traditional Thai and Western bodywork treatment services and training courses. [More info...]

Pravinia Academy of Beauty and Spa
Pravinia, established in 2013 and run my Ms. Praweenooch Kitiwatbumroong, is a well-known Spa and Beauty training center based in Bangkok. The academy runs a broad range o [More info...]

Prawphai Thai Massage and Spa Training Center
The Prawphai Thai Massage and Spa Training Center in Bangkok offers both Thai Bodywork and Western Spa training. [More info...]

Sabai Corner Spa
Sabai Corner Spa offers a variety of short-term private and group courses for Thais and foreigners. The Spa also offers a wide range of treatment services. The duration of [More info...]

Shewa Spa
Shewa Spa is Thai Spa Massage treatment and course center in Bangkok in the famous Banglamphu Khaosan Road area (Rambuttri road). Additionally, the spa offers a wide range [More info...]

SPA Cenvaree Spa & Training Academy
SPA Cenvaree operates many Spa & Wellness centers across Thailand. The Academy trains Thai therapists, providing them with anatomy knowledge, treatment skills, guest s [More info...]

Thai Massage & Spa Academy
The Thai massage school and TARALA spa in Bangkok offer a wealth of both Thai and Western bodywork and massage training course modalities. [More info...]

TTC Spa School | Thai Massage Training Center
The TTC Spa School is a well-known Thai Massage school in both Thailand and overseas. The training center offers specialty massage courses, Spa & Wellness course moda [More info...]

Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School
The Watpo Thai Massage School in Bangkok, the name also spelled as Wat Pho or Wat Po, is without any doubt the most famous Thai Traditional Medicine institute in the world [More info...]

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