Thai Yoga Massage School of Thailand Metta

Published: Sep 1, 2018 | Revised: Mar 23, 2024
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Thai Yoga Massage School of Thailand Metta in Bangkok

The Thai Yoga Massage School of Thailand Metta in Bangkok carries several names: Thai Yoga & Healing Art Training Center, Thai Massage School Bangkok, and the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society Bangkok.

Thai Massage School – Background

Master KongThe school was founded in 2013 and is operated by Master Kraijakkri Rungrojsakulporn aka “Master Kong.” His brother, Master Kraisign Rungrojsakulporn, is also part of the school, but mainly as a specialist in Thai Foot Reflexology.

Master Kong has a long track record teaching Thai Massage and Reusi Dat Ton. Before opening his own school, he was a teacher for the Suai Thai Massage School (Phuket island) which at the time was still located in Bangkok.

You can find Kong’s school not far from Asiatique The Riverfront, an open-air shopping center which is situated at the banks of the famous Chao Phraya River. The school premises are small, yet cozy, friendly and warm, and you will see Kong’s wife and son regularly hopping in and out the class room. Sometimes, Kong’s wife assists in Thai Massage training courses also.

Master Kong always works with small student groups and the courses are suitable for both Thai people and foreigners. Classes can be offered in Thai, English and Japanese.

Thai Massage Training Courses

Thai Massage Training CoursesMaster Kong’s school offers Thai Yoga Massage training, Thai Foot Reflexology, and Ruesi Datton (Traditional Thai Yoga, Ascetic Yogi or Hermit Stretching) courses.

For all training modalities, the school also provides teacher training courses which give students the ability to become an affiliated instructor.

As for Thai Massage, the school offers basic, professional, and teacher training course programs. The program curriculum includes treatment diagnostics, therapeutics, acupressure points, Sib Sen Energy Lines, chiropractic techniques, and Yoga Massage stretches, among other learning objectives, techniques, and skills.

Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology Courses

Master Kong’s Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology program follows the same setup as Thai Massage curriculum: basic, professional, and teacher training.

By the way, the school is quite famous in Thailand for its Foot Reflexology knowledge and training.

Thai Yoga – Ruesi Datton Courses

Ruesi Datton Thai Yoga trainingThen, last but not least, Kong’s Ruesi Datton Thai Yoga training options: basic, professional, and teacher training. Kong is without any doubt a real master in Thai Yoga Ascetic Self-stretching and his teachings are an absolute must for those who are interested in Reusi Datton.

The Thai Yoga Massage School of Thailand is associated with the Foundation for Development of Foot Reflexology Thailand (FDFRT), the Thai Ministry of Education, Thai Ministry of Labor, the Thai Ministry of Public Health, the Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI), Thai Traditional Medical Services Society (TTMS), and the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (UTTS).

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