Studying the Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines

Published: Jul 8, 2020 | Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Studying the Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines

Typically, theoretical knowledge and practical application of the Thai Sib Sen concepts is incorporated in general Thai Massage courses. Well, it should be, because Sib Sen philosophy is one of the most important foundations of Thai Massage and it makes sense to teach it to students.

In reality however, in Thai Massage foundation training courses, Sib Sen Energy Lines teachings are often not given or only very superficially addressed, because beginner training courses generally have become significantly shorter and subsequently also more bleak in past years.

Nevertheless, in advanced levels of Thai Massage training or Thai Massage therapy training courses, Thai Sen Line concepts and applications are most likely being taught as part of the curriculum, in fact, it becomes indispensable if one wants to have a broad and solid understanding of Thai Massage.

Thai Massage students looking for specific Sib Sen Energy line training in Thailand will often be somewhat disappointed as they are rarely to be found as a distinct training modality. As said before, Sib Sen training is usually integrated in the more advanced Thai Massage courses. Outside of Thailand, such specialized Sen Line courses are generally more available.

The quality of Sen Sib theory teachings varies significantly; sometimes only the names and trajectories in the body are taught accompanied with a short explanation of their functions. In other training courses, you may find that more in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge and therapeutic application is conveyed, including knowledge about the various techniques for Sen Line and acupressure point manipulation.

Additionally, it’s a “grey area,” as Sen Lines are a tricky subject where there’s no actual common consensus neither of their trajectories nor of their functions and names, or even of the functions and exact locations of acupressure points on the lines. Any Thai Massage school, lineage or style may have another blueprint, map or view of the lines.

Actually learning the trajectories of the various Sib Sen Lines cannot be taught through books, charts or video material; one really needs practical experience with a Thai Massage teacher, that is, a real person to guide you, make you test and feel where the Sen Lines run exactly in a body and you will need a real person to practice on.

Getting a good feel and routine in addressing and working with the Sen Lines and acupressure points takes quite some training and real-life therapeutic experience.

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