Thai Healing Alliance Approved Thai Massage Schools & Courses in Thailand

Published | Updated November 27, 2018

Thai Healing Alliance Approved Thai Massage Schools & Courses in Thailand
The Thai Healing Alliance International aka THAI was founded by Bob Haddad and is perhaps the largest nonpartisan global network of Thai Healing Arts students, therapists, teachers and schools.

Although the organization originates in the United States, it operates internationally. THAI proposes and promotes basic standards of study and practice of Traditional Thai Massage and offers information to the general public. The alliance offers an extensive membership program to Thai Massage practitioners, trainers and schools.

Below you’ll find a list of Thai Massage schools registered as a THAI Healing Alliance School member. Mind that not all courses or workshops of a mentioned school are necessarily THAI approved; this needs to be verified on the website of the Thai Healing Alliance International.

An interesting fact, as you can observe in the list below, is that the majority of THAI approved schools are located in Chiang Mai. Only a few Thai Massage schools in Bangkok are THAI member.

Baan Hom Samunphrai

An established school located a bit outside of Chiang Mai city (Hang Quae) with on-site accommodation options. Offers Thai Abdominal Massage i.e. Chi Nei Tsang, Thai Foot [Read More...]

Barbara Santos

Barbara Santos travels between Brazil and Thailand offering Thai Massage courses in both countries. [Read More...]

Chetawan Health Center Salaya

The Chetawan Health Center in Salaya (Bangkok region) is part of the Wat Po medical Massage school and Chetawan group. The center offers long-stay, retreat like Thai Mass [Read More...]

Espaço Nibbana

Barbara Santos is the founder of Espaço Nibbana and travels between Brazil and Thailand offering Thai Massage courses in both countries. Apart from Thai Yoga Massage, sh [Read More...]

International Training Massage School Chiang Mai (ITM)

ITM is a private vocational Thai Massage school located in Chiang Mai. The school is a family run business and was founded in 1992 by Chongkol Setthakorn. ITM is one of t [Read More...]

Jack Chaiya Thai Massage School

Jack Chaiya, a Thai Massage teacher from Chiang Mai, is the son of the late Lek Chaiya. “Mama Lek” was a well-known healer, herbalist, and teacher. Her Thai M [Read More...]

Jongrak Massage School

At Jongrak’s, specialized in Lanna Folk Healing, private Thai Massage study is possible, and groups don’t exceed 4 students. The school also offers in-depth T [Read More...]

Khunchamnan Family Thai Massage

The Khunchamnan Family offers Thai Massage and Thai Oil massage classes in Chiang Mai. [Read More...]

Lanna Thai Massage Traditional Medical School

The founder and owner of this Thai Massage school in Chiang Mai is teacher Chaweewan Vitfan. The school offers a broad variety of Traditional Thai massage and bodywork co [Read More...]

Loi Kroh Traditional Thai Massage & Yoga

Loi Kroh Massage, founded in 1999, is one of the established Thai Massage schools in Chiang Mai. Apart from their in-depth Thai Massage training programs, the school is r [Read More...]

MTM Thai Massage

Ming Akkaraya is a traditional Thai Medicine doctor offering a variety of Thai massage and bodywork courses in Chiang Mai. It seems however Ming is currently active in Ge [Read More...]

Ong’s Thai Massage School

Ong’s massage school in Chiang Mai offers a broad diversity of courses with a duration generally from 1 up to 5 days. Training modalities range from Thai Massage, H [Read More...]

Pichest Boonthumme Thai Massage

Ajarn Pichest Boonthumme, also known as the “Chain Smoking Thai Massage Master,” is perhaps the most famous living Thai Massage teacher. Many Western Thai Massage ins [Read More...]

Sabai De Ka Massage School

© Sabai De Ka Massage School The Sabai De Ka Massage School was founded in 2004 by “Kloy” Thanyanet Pothamoon. Initially, Sabai offered only massage and spa [Read More...]

Santisuk Massage School Koh Chang

The Santisuk Massage School Koh Chang (island in the Trat province) is a branch of the TTC Spa School Chiang Mai and Bangkok. [Read More...]

Sunshine Massage School

The Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai is a reputable Traditional Thai Bodywork training center, not only known in Thailand, but also within the global Thai Massage c [Read More...]

Thai Healing Massage Academy

The academy was founded by Shama Kern who lives in Chiang Mai. The Thai Healing Massage Academy offers online Thai massage training programs only. [Read More...]

Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj & Old Medicine Hospital

The Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai, has been the leading Thai Medicine and Thai Massage institute in the North of Thailand from the 60’s up to the start of the 21st [Read More...]

The Fine Art of Thai Massage School

© The Fine Art of Thai Massage School The school, located a bit outside of Chiang Mai city, is founded and run by Terdchai Chumphoopong aka Mac. Apart from Thai Massage [Read More...]

The School of Massage for Health | SMH

The School of Massage for Health in Chiang Mai provides a vast array of Thai Massage courses and other Thai bodywork programs. Also offers teacher training programs. [Read More...]

Timmy’s Thai Massage Training Center

Timmy’s place offers a broad variety of Thai Bodywork courses. She’s a specialist in Thai postpartum treatment of women (Yu Fai) and preparation of herbal pro [Read More...]

TTC Spa School | Thai Massage Training Center

The TTC Spa School is a well-known Thai Massage school in both Thailand and overseas. The training center offers specialty massage courses, Spa & Wellness course mod [Read More...]

Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School

The Watpo Thai Massage School in Bangkok, the name also spelled as Wat Pho or Wat Po, is without any doubt the most famous Thai Traditional Medicine institute in the worl [Read More...]

Waulai Thaimassage

Waulai Thaimassage in Chiang Mai is specialized in Herball Ball Compress Massage courses, but also offers Reusi Dat Ton and Tok Sen. Founded and run by teacher Ajarn Somp [Read More...]

Yoga Massage School Thailand Metta

Master Kong’s Thai Massage, Foot Massage & Reflexology and Ruesi Datton Training Center in Bangkok. The school provides courses for Thai people and foreigners a [Read More...]

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