Tantric Massage for Erectile Dysfunction | What You Need to Know

Published: Oct 27, 2023
Edited by: Team TB

Tantric Massage for Erectile Dysfunction

Tantra Massage is regularly offered as a possible treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) — also called Impotence — and in this post we discuss what Tantra Massage (i.e. Tantric Massage) can actually do for men who suffer from this sexual dysfunction.

ED is the incapacity to get or to keep an erection solid enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. When this happens now and again, it isn’t necessarily a problem, but when it becomes a structural issue it can cause stress, affect self-confidence, inhibit fertility, and/or put substantial pressure on relationships.

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The thing is that the reasons for ED can be many, and may include (a combination) of one or more underlying psychological, emotional, spiritual, and/or physical causes. Some causes recognized are certain lifestyles, stress, anxiety, low libido, older age, relationship problems, surgery, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, injuries, overweight, to name just some of the possible issues.

Tantra Massage aims at bringing our sexual life in balance with other aspects of our lives, notably by releasing sexual trauma or sexual frustrations through sexual dearmoring and catharsis techniques, by liberating possible suppressed and/or repressed sexual energy, by teaching us to fully enjoy our sexuality, to be focused and conscious during our sexual activity and experience, by improving our sexual confidence and self-esteem, and working on arousal issues and combating low libido.

Tantric Massage (usually called Tantric Lingam Massage for men) is typically a sensual erotic full body oil massage, during which the Tantra therapist takes plenty of time to work with your (unclothed) body and internal (sexual) energy flow, giving loving-touch attention to all parts of your body, including your erogenous zones. On a physical level, Tantra Massage also profoundly stimulates our blood circulation, which includes increased blood flow to the penis.

Nevertheless, Tantra’s core philosophy is to exclude nothing, that is, to embrace all aspects of our human being. Hence, Tantra aims at overcoming duality i.e. “split levels” in a person, and focuses on making a person “whole” by supporting them to accept, love, and enjoy all aspects of their being and expression.

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Mind that Tantra Massage may come of help depending on the cause (or causes) of ED for a particular person. That is, Tantric Massage can be particularly beneficial for men who suffer from low sexual confidence, low self-esteem, low libido i.e. low sexual drive or desire (depending on the underlying causes), emotional connection issues (with a sexual partner), sexual arousal problems, and/or sexual trauma.

Depending on the Tantra Massage therapist and their background and training, they may bring in extra Tantric tools in a session to support you to get ED under control. These may include Tantric Breathing, Tantric Bathing, Tantric Eye-Gazing, Tantric Coaching, Tantric Yoga techniques, and/or G-Spot Prostate Massage, to just give you some examples.

Moreover, Tantra — and in its tail Tantric Sex — doesn’t necessarily need to focus on penetrative sex or even a sexual orgasm, which can relieve a man of stress when experiencing ED. If one can first learn to have sex or feeling sexually aroused without the explicit need to “get hard,” one can enjoy lovemaking in other ways, which — through a backdoor — may even finally resolve ED.

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