Mr. Nat “Don’t Move!” | Thai Massage Teacher Review

Published | Updated November 22, 2018
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When it’s about extraordinary Thai Massage practitioners, Mr. Nat perhaps ranks as one of Chiang Mai’s best kept secrets.

Mr. Nat is a blind Thai masseur, 49 years old, and he works at Supattra Traditional Thai Massage (a place for Thai Massage sessions given by blind therapists). His style is tough (to say the least) and in fact he’s a kind of Thai chiropractor also.

The first occasion I heard about Mr. Nat was in 2010 at the time I took some Thai Massage courses at the Sunshine Massage School. I had asked my teacher, Itzhak Helman, if he knew a first-rate Thai therapist in Chiang Mai and he recommended me Mr. Nat.

Itzhak did tell me in advance that he was from the “hard line,” but as I like a tough massage myself I thought Mr. Nat to be the right guy to do the job. Meeting Mr. Nat the first time, I was a bit surprised, because he has a very soft, calm voice, and very gentle manner, something one wouldn’t really connect with a tough hand.

Anyway, I will for ever remember what he said to me just before we started: “… during the session you can scream or cry, but don’t move!” In reality, I couldn’t move even if I’d wanted to, because the way he took a hold of me was like being fixed with an iron Judo lock. The treatment was tough indeed, and I felt a kind of dazed afterwards, yet in a way newly born also.

Usually, like Mr. Nat does, blind masseurs in Thailand give their sessions on a low table, which is actually more like a bed. It’s an interesting fact, because traditionally Thai Massage is given on a mat on the floor.

Mr. Nat proves that one doesn’t need fancy stretches and acrobatic moves to give an excellent and thorough Thai Massage. It’s one of the things I started to realize receiving his treatments.

If you like, you can learn Thai Massage from Mr. Nat. He gives private one-on-one training at his home. Just ask him. As he’s quite popular nowadays, it’s advisable to make appointments beforehand for either a session or training.

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