Jack Chaiya Massage Chiang Mai | Review

Published | Updated January 27, 2020
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Jack Chaiya Massage Chiang Mai | Review
Jack Chaiya is a well-established Thai Massage therapist and teacher from Chiang Mai and the son of the late Lek Chaiya. “Mama Lek” was a renowned Thai Traditional Medicine healer, herbalist, and teacher. Her Thai Massage style is widely known as Nerve Touch Style or Jap Sen.

Jack’s Work

Today, Jack continues sharing and teaching Mama Lek’s legacy. Yet, of course, it wouldn’t be fair to value Jack only as “the son of Mama Lek.” Jack is Jack, and a very experienced practitioner and teacher, who has profoundly influenced many massage and bodywork therapists and practitioners.

For almost twenty years now he has been regularly giving massage therapy and trainings. He’s been around, traveling and teaching in various countries. Recently he taught in Russia and he regularly teaches at the famous annual Thai Massage Circus, which is a month long Thai Healing Arts residential seminar in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Jack has also strongly influenced the Osteo-Thai method which combines Osteopathic principles with Thai Massage. Likewise, he has incorporated this method into his own repertoire of healing and training courses.

Jack’s motto is: “No matter what I know, or what you call me, I always keep learning, every day, with every person I meet!”

Jack’s Training Courses

▶ Jack Chaiya’s style of Thai Massage Course 1 (3 – 5 days, 18 hours).
In this course you will be taught the foundation of Jack Chaiya’s style of Thai Massage. It builds on the style handed down by Mama Lek Chaiya, suitable for beginners and also for advanced therapists who would like to use more efficient body mechanics and learn new techniques.
▶ Jack Chaiya’s style of Thai Massage Course 2 (3 – 5 days, 18 hours).
This course builds logically upon Course 1. Advanced techniques, deeper Osteothai exploration, hip-opening and sacrum mobilization, usage of elbows, knees, much more, and lots of practice.
▶ Foot Massage (2 days, 12 hours).
Jack has studied both the Thai method of Foot Massage and the modern Western method of reflexology and has created his own unique style which is easy to learn and pleasant to receive.
▶ Practice Sessions Available in 3 hour blocks.

The setup of Jack’s courses is very flexible and adapted to the students’ level of practice. It means that although there are a specific amount of days thought to be needed to go through a course, the course duration can take less or more days as needed. Additionally, it’s possible to book one-to-one private study or group studies.

Jack focuses on working with comfortable body positioning and proper body mechanics, the differences between relaxing techniques and Jap Sen, developing a basic routine and how to adapt to each client’s needs, how and when to use Thai Massage stretching, soft hand techniques, and more powerful elbow and knee techniques, adaptations from Osteopathy and Osteothai, and last but not least, how to prepare and use Thai Herbal Compress Balls and Packs.

Classes are offered in Chiang Mai, Thailand, every day, and begin at 9 am until 4 pm. Lunch time is one hour. For the agenda of his international teachings, check out Jack’s website menu item International Training.

Jack’s Treatment Services

Perhaps it was already clear from the above, but to repeat explicitly: besides from being a teacher, Jack is a very experienced Thai therapist and he offers therapeutic massage treatments. The use of Thai Herbal Compresses during the treatments is standard, unless otherwise requested.

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