Internal Vaginal Penis Massage in Thailand as Genital Therapy

Published: Aug 7, 2023 | Revised: Apr 1, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Internal Penis Massage in Thailand | Genital Treatment Modality

A few weeks ago, I received a question from a reader about “internal massage with the penis” as a Thai Genital Massage treatment modality for women. Our reader doubted the validity and appropriateness of this “therapeutic penis massage.”

In fact, what had happened was that his spouse had received such a treatment from a therapist in the United Kingdom who claimed to had learned this type of massage in Thailand, and that it was a common therapeutic treatment for sexual health issues in women.

Now, I write this post to inform (and warn) women about such “therapeutic practices.” To be clear about this beforehand: an internal massage done with the penis of the therapist is — as far as I know of — not a Thai therapeutic treatment. But let me explain this further on.

Genital Massage in Thailand

As it is, Genital Massage (and you should see “genital” as concerning the reproductive organs in a physical sense, but also referring to psycho-emotional aspects i.e. sexuality or “sexual performance”) is in effect an accepted therapeutic treatment modality in Thailand (and in Southeast Asia in general), and you’ll find rather an abundance of therapists who work with the “genital realm.”

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This thing called “sexual performance” (and this may refer to fertility issues, sexual dysfunctions, and/or sexual pleasure, and so on) is deemed very, very important in Southeast Asia. As such, you’ll find many treatment efforts in the therapeutic realm to “fix” things.

Therapeutic genital massages are typically performed by a therapist, and in a lesser sense by oneself or a partner. This may include the client having a (functional or unwanted) orgasm, although that’s almost never the goal (unless learning to have or experiencing an orgasm would be the goal, but this again would be very exceptional in Thailand).

Mind, however, that in Thailand it’s much more common — in the vast majority of cases — that Thai women give therapeutic genital massages to other Thai women (and to men), and not male therapists that give genital massages to women. Moreover, some female Thai Massage therapists would give genital massages ONLY to women (and not to men).

But there are exceptions. For instance, there are men who are the “super-specialists,” such as Mantak Chia (just to give a well-known name), who may also give genital massages to women — think of Karsai Nei Tsang Massage. So, it is possible that a Genital Massage is given by men. Certainly by men for men, but also sometimes by men for women (although this latter option is much more exceptional, as I already mentioned).

Mind that “Genital Massage” doesn’t necessarily mean that the genitals are actually touched. The vast majority of treatments concern work in the abdominal and pelvic area of the body. Nevertheless, depending on the health issue, the therapist may touch the actual external genital or erogenous parts (scrotum, testicles, vulva, clitoris, breasts), but also the internal parts (prostate gland, cervix, uterus, vaginal canal, etc.). That may be with the hands (with taking proper hygiene precautions into account), or may be by using herbal compresses, to give an example .

Internal Penis Massage

But then, getting back to the “internal Penis Massage.” I must say that I’ve never heard of massaging a woman internally (vaginally) with the penis in a Thai therapeutic context. That doesn’t sound genuine to me. That may happen in a Tantric Sex context (although even in the Tantric realm very exceptionally), but that’s not traditional therapy in Thailand or in a Thai traditional context. Mind that you can find Tantric Massage training courses in Thailand, but mostly offered by expats i.e. Westerners for Westerners to practice in the West on their return.

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There’s also a thin line between Abdominal Massage and Genital Massage. Genital Massage is often abdominal, but not every Abdominal Massage is genital (but can be). This then is also often a “grey area,” especially because there are quite some men who give abdominal massages, such as Chi Nei Tsang Massage.

In any case — real, authentic treatment modality or not — consent must play an absolutely important role before a massage session starts. That is, clarification by the therapist about the treatment procedure, what can happen, and so on, and an explicit consent from the client to touch the intimate parts. And the clarification of boundaries for and by both sides (client and therapist).

It’s also the case that there’s a lot of “fake” around (in Thailand, but also in the West) where genital massages are offered as being “therapeutic,” but are actually merely for sexual pleasure or rather fitting in the full service and happy ending prostitution sphere. Generally, those types of offerings are not hard to distinguish from genuine therapeutic massages.

In Conclusion

A traditional Thai Genital Massage for women in which the erogenous parts or zones will be “handled” or treated, either internally or externally, is typically (as far as I know) only carried out by female therapists.

If it’s about an external Genital Massage via the outside of the abdomen that involves handling or treating the uterus, ovaries, and/or cervix, it may be done by a man, which would rather make it an Abdominal Massage i.e. Reproductive Organ Massage.

But when it’s about using the penis to massage internally, well, that’s (by me, in any case) unheard of in a Thai therapeutic context, and rather sounds as abuse from the therapist.

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