Pelvic Release Massage | Abdominal Therapy

Published: Oct 31, 2021 | Revised: Jun 21, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Pelvic Release Massage | Abdominal Massage

A Pelvic Release Massage uses techniques to release tensions and pains in the pelvic area i.e. pelvic floor. These are specialized types of abdominal massages that work on muscles and connective tissue within the pelvic cavity.

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The idea behind Pelvic Release Massage is that our pelvic muscles can become imbalanced, tensed, and contracted because of postural patterns, trauma, injury, emotional stress or energy blocks.

These tensions and misalignments in the pelvic floor muscles can restrict blood and energy flow to the area, which can give rise to a broad range of discomforts, disorders, or illnesses.

As for the health benefits of Pelvic Release Massage, it’s thought that it can give relief of pelvic pains, restore prolapses, diminish painful sex, release traumatic experiences, stimulate women’s general health, reproductive organ and postnatal healing, reduce muscular and skeletal pains, and resolve urinary tract issues and constipation.

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