Finding Thai Massage Courses

Published | Updated February 8, 2020
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Finding Thai Massage Courses
Finding a Thai Massage course sounds as simple as typing “Thai Massage Course” in the Google or Bing search engine, but actually, it’s not that easy at all.

First of all there’s the fact of the name “Thai Massage” used in many variations like for instance Nuad Thai, Thai Yoga, Thai Healing, Nuat Boran, Thai Bodywork, and the like.

So, to give an example—when looking on the internet for “Thai Massage Courses in Austria” you’ll most probably experience some difficulties, because in Austria Thai Massage is persistently called “Nuad” or “Nuad Thai.” This is mainly owed to legal reasons, because “Massage” and “Masseur” are reserved and protected words for certain regulated professions and… “Thai Massage” is not one of those.

In any case, the variations in Thai Massage naming labels is just one of the problems when it comes to finding Thai Massage courses. Another issue arises with the word “Course” itself.

There, instead of “Thai Massage Courses,” you’ll find stuff like “Thai Massage Workshops,” “Thai Massage Events,” “Thai Massage Programs,” “Thai Yoga Classes,” “Thai Massage Trainings,” and “Thai Massage Education,” to name some examples. Of course, this without mentioning the variations in other languages than English.

And tne, after we’ve taken the barriers mentioned above, we’ll finally hit on the variety of ways Thai Massage training centers are named. Here, for instance, we’ll hit upon “Thai Massage Schools,” “Thai Massage Institutes,” “Thai Massage Spa Training Centers,” and the like, as well as finding teachers and instructors who just call their school after themselves omitting any reference to school, institute, or center.

It sounds perhaps quaint, but all this is one of the main reasons I conceived of the idea to set up The biggest annoyance when I started learning Thai Massage was the fact that it was quite hard to find a structured list of Thai Massage schools, courses and teachers. And out of that, I created my own little wish list of education providers finally resulting in this website.

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