Sexual Body Dearmoring Courses and Somatic Sex Education Training

Published: Dec 31, 2023 | Revised: Mar 31, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

De-Armouring Training Courses and Somatic Sex Education

People who look for Sexual De-Armoring Courses and Somatic Sex Education Training often arrive at so-called Sexological Bodywork™, a modality created by Dr. Joseph Kramer that combines Taoist and Tantric concepts, Asian massage and bodywork practices, contemporary Western massage techniques, and modern insights in treating sexual dysfunctions and disorders.

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In short, Sexological Bodywork has a somatic focus, that is, it’s basically sex coaching through bodywork, which includes topics and techniques such as Body Perception, Mindful Touch, Breathwork, Erotic Massage, Genital Massage and Genital Mapping, Pelvic Release Bodywork, Pelvic and Anal Massage, and Orgasmic Yoga, among other bodywork.

Nevertheless, complete trainings and certifications in Sexological Bodywork or in Somatic Sex Coaching may not be readily available in or near your location, or only online, the latter perhaps not being the most ideal way of learning a profession that has many intimate and practical hands-on aspects.

Now, if you’re interested in becoming a Dearmoring professional, I feel it’s important not to confine yourself to only Sexological Bodywork or Somatic Sex Education, because supporting clients in emotional, trauma or Sexual De-Armoring (also written Sexual De-Armouring) can come about through many different techniques and mondalities.

In fact, dearmoring basically aims at deep awareness of traumatic psycho-somatic elements in one’s “system,” usually followed by an experience of Catharsis and emotional relief, which is accompanied or negotiated by some sort of “physical de-tensioning.”

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Hence, different types of energy work, psychosomatic or mind-body work, and bodywork (or combinations thereof) can come to help here, which includes modalities such as Conscious Connected Breathwork, Tantra Massage, Tantric Sex, Sensual Erotic Massage, Karsai Nei Tsang Massage, Pelvic Release Bodywork, Bondage Therapy, Genital Mapping, Bioenergetic Breathing, among many others.

Nonetheless, if one doesn’t have a background in guiding clients with emotional trauma, it’s advised to have some sort of training in how to handle Catharsis, let’s say, how to properly support a client’s trauma and emotional release, and how to give them proper aftercare.

Thus, I think that one can venture into any kind of somatic or body-mind type of work (or specialization thereof) that includes focus on tools or techniques with regard to Sexual De-Armoring. Of course, Sexological Bodywork combines many different methods and techniques in its approach so that makes perfect sense as a training.

Nonetheless, if you look for in-person training and you cannot find a Sexological Bodywork or Somatic Sex Coaching trainer or educator nearby, you could try to focus on finding in-person providers that offer certain specific techniques such as mentioned earlier in this post, and train yourself in those.

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